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Rated Rev Recap: Training Camp Watch



Rev and Evan are here to bring us everything that has come out so far out of training camp. From rookie standouts and the improved defensive line to early offensive struggles and that continually improving offensive line.

Bills Rookies

Kaiir Elam (6:07)

The Bills rookies are showing out in training camp! It’s one thing to be excited about draft picks and where they’re taken, but it’s something else when these guys actually show up and prove themselves. Sal Capaccio tweeted about how Elam was getting into it with Diggs, which is exactly what we want: To see our rookies hitting the ground running.

He’s been lining up against the best in the business in Diggs, and as 716 Truth said in the comments section, “iron sharpens iron”. With the addition of Elam, this Bills secondary has All-Pro potential. The Bills were already the number one ranked defense in the league at the end of the season, so they’re about to be even scarier.

Khalil Shakir (19:55)

Shakir has been straight balling in camp. He’s been using all his valuable reps to hone his skill and take full advantage of the Crowder injury. And he’s got big shoes to fill. Based on his camp performance, it’s obvious to most watching that our new #10 resembles Bobby Trees, plus he’s a YAC guy.

Dan Fetes on Twitter: “Khalil Shakir just catches the ball DIFFERENT for a rookie…He plucks that ball out of the air and away from his body like a veteran.#BillsMafia / Twitter”

Khalil Shakir just catches the ball DIFFERENT for a rookie…He plucks that ball out of the air and away from his body like a veteran.#BillsMafia

It’s good to see that the slot receiver role is filling up nicely with Crowder, McKenzie, and Shakir. As Bills fans, this makes us all feel better, there’s plenty of options.

Terrel Bernard (33:13)

He continues to impress at camp. When being interviewed, Leslie Frazer talked about how they were given some work on first and second downs and it was base 4-3, which included Milano, Edmunds, and Bernard. He is versatile, given that he can be that third LB in a base 4-3 set and also in nickel packages and certain matchups.

Bernard is making his presence known. He wants to make a difference and show his work. A third-round pick is nothing to sneeze at, he was brought in to be that final piece needed to win a Super Bowl, and he’s doing exactly that. Not only can he stop the run, but at 6’1”, he can be helpful in the pass too. Evan said he can be like the Isaiah McKenzie of the defense.

Can the #1 Defense Get Better (40:02)

It can be difficult for defenses to repeat their success. However, with the additions of Von Miller and Kaiir Elam, pieces getting healthier, and a lot of players now having one year under their belt, the Bills are a shoe in to be a top-five defense in the upcoming season.

The DL has made the biggest impact so far in training camp. They look so dominant and so very versatile. They were frustrating the heck out of Allen and the offense to the point where Allen was visibly annoyed and had to take a breath. These guys are coming after it.

The one part of the defense that everyone was hard on was the run defense. But, with a line like this, there’s a chance that the run defense becomes more stout compared to last season.

What else to watch:

  • The Bills offense’s early struggles (55:15)
  • Evan shares his thoughts on Isaiah McKenzie (1:01:58)
  • Duke Johnson and his value on the team (1:08:43)
  • The offensive line and continuity issues (1:14:54)
  • Punter competition (1:31:17)

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Featured Image: Ben Green/Buffalo Bills

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