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Rico Report: Are Edmunds & Milano a Top 4 LB Tandem?



On the latest Rico Report, Rev Rhodes took over the show. Amongst other topics, he discussed an interesting one: Are Matt Milano and Tremaine Edmunds a top-4 LB tandem? The Buffalo Bills starting linebackers are part of a great defense. Do they deserve that praise?

Are Edmunds & Milano a Top 4 LB Tandem? (55:30)

It’s an interesting question, to be sure. Thomas Davis, the former Carolina Panther LB who played under Sean McDermott, was asked to name his top four team LB tandems. In no order, he named the Buccaneers (Lavonte David and Devin White), the 49ers (Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw), and the Vikings (Eric Kendricks and Jordan Hicks). His fourth team? Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milano from our beloved Buffalo Bills.

Tremaine Edmunds Matt Milano Buffalo Bills
AP Photo/Bill Kostroun

However the fans feel about him, Tremaine Edmunds is still a Pro Bowl linebacker who is well respected around the league. Still young, and asked to play a massive role, he earns the respect from those closest to the game. Edmunds has plenty of flaws, which are occasionally exploited, but he has a chance this year to secure his next contract with a revamped front-seven around him. The new defensive line rotation will surely take some of that weight off of his shoulders.

Matt Milano has excelled and scored his major contract extension, but he is still second-fiddle. Some may disagree, but neither of these players could do exactly what their partner does. Across the NFL, linebackers hope to achieve the level of play we see from our LBs. Still, they’re perceived as the weak spot of the defense, with such a dominant secondary behind them. Can this dynamic duo of Edmunds and Milano put the league on notice this year? It might be their last together, and there’s no time like the present.

The Rest of the Show

Rev also discussed the RB battle in training camp (17:56) and the expected growth for Greg Rousseau (38:59). For all of that and more, check out the latest Rico Report (with Rev) on the Buffalo Fanatics YouTube channel.

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