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Josh Allen’s Teammate Nickname Tracker



Our Lord and Savior Joshua Patrick Allen is goofy as heck. He, like many of us, just likes to have fun. We’ve seen it in all the on and off-field clips the Bills bless us with. And, earlier this week, we were given something more: his nicknames for his teammates.

Either stupidity or childishness is to blame for Allen’s use of nicknames. Personally, I like to think he just knows how to have fun. (Only because I know I’m the same and need validation from somewhere.)

Josh Allen’s Names for Teammates

So, let’s get into it. The obvious ones:

Isaiah McKenzie = “Lil Dirty”

Josh Allen — and basically everyone in Buffalo — calls him that. McKenzie even explained to Rico why Quinton Spain gave him that name. I prefer “Lil Sexy”, but that’s a story for another time.

Greg Rousseau = “(Big) Groot”

This name was bestowed upon him at the University of Miami. His DC gave it to him, due to his impressive arm reach. I love it.

Devin Singletary = “Motor”

Duh, has he ever been known as anything else?

Boogie Basham = “Boog”

Not super inventive, but ya know.

Reggie Gilliam = “Reg”

Again, kinda boring just like his position. (#FullbacksDoNotMatter.)

Zack Moss = “Z-Mo”

This is an interesting one, simply because I didn’t think Moss did enough to earn a nickname, but that’s just my opinion.

Stefon Diggs = “Stef”

Nothing too fancy. This one is fun for me because I am sure Allen has a more inventive nickname for his lover, he just keeps it private. I respect that.

Jordan Poyer = “J-Po”

Again not super inventive, but honestly, Poyer is a huge physical guy and giving him a name he doesn’t like might just end up with Allen in full body cast. So I can live with “J-Po”.

Gabriel Davis = “Gabe”

Josh calls him what most people call him. Although, our very own Iestyn Harris has a much better suggestion:

Linebackers Coach Bobby Babich = “Lil Bobby”

Why? Because, according to Josh Allen, he hates it.

Ryan Bates = “Rick Bates”

Ryan Bates is more commonly known as “Rick Bates”. He just looks more like a Rick.

Rookies = “Stupid Rook”

All the rookies are lovingly called “Stupid Rook”. It makes sense because rookies are pretty stupid.

James Cook = “Jimbo”

However, Josh seems to have a soft spot for James Cook, calling him “Jimbo”. Apparently, Allen believes he loves it. However, this is open to interpretation because Cook’s expressions are pretty hard to read…


Courtesy of Sports Illustrated





And, my personal favorite, Pensive:

Ahh, the many faces of James Cook.

These are all the nicknames I could find.

Names Teammates have for him

It only seems fair that, if Josh Allen has a creative outlet giving the guys nicknames, he should only get some back:


A much cuter spin on Josh. Our own Alex Spencer calls him “Joshie Poo” which, whilst adorable, may have been too adorable for a 6’5”, 250 lb dude. “Joshy” is much better.


I really shouldn’t have to explain this one.


Because, obviously, he’s been MVP for the last two seasons. This will be the year he finally brings home that hardware.


I don’t know the origin of this one and, in a way, I’m glad I don’t. A bunch of guys being dudes in a locker room calling their QB “dad”? It can stay a mystery.

Featured Image: Yahoo Movies

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