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Rico Recap: Training Camp Day 5



Rico knows that Bills Mafia is excited about this team… They’re ready. They got the tools needed to be able to compete with those top names and the season needs to get here already. Rico was joined by Evan and a surprise appearance by Rev towards the end.

News Around the League (3:53)

DK Metcalf inked a three-year, $72M extension with the Seahawks on Friday. There’s no doubt that Metcalf is a good WR, the only receivers that are built like him were TO and, way, way back in the day, David Boston. (Rico is old.) But DK is in a league of his own.

This contract puts him in the same conversation, monetary wise, as some of the elite receivers currently in the game, but it is warranted? It’s great for the Seahawks. At the end of this extension, DK will be 27 and still in the prime of his career. Also, looking at the organisation right now, they don’t have many star players so keeping Metcalf around is key.

Injuries: Who’s In, Who’s Out? (15:49)

The offensive line is the one group where you need all five starters together and right now, it’s rough. The Bills have not had a consistent starting five is some time, during Friday’s training, Ryan Bates was out, Roger Saffold is still nursing that rib injury, Spencer Brown is recovering from surgery and slowly getting back into it. So, the only starting guy on the line was Mitch Morse, which means the Bills are one healthy guy away from having a completely new OL. Not great.

Jamison Crowder, has been out for four of the five days due to soreness and tightness. When you’re out, somebody else steps up. In this case, it was Isaiah McKenzie. Taking full advantage of the extra reps and making waves, he could run away with this starting slot position.

Camp Notes (20:27)

Lil Dirty: According to most of the reporters out of camp, McKenzie looks good and solid. That position could very well be his

Von Miller: He is doing exactly what he was paid to do. This is what happens when a future Hall of Famer steps onto the field, he DOMINATES. Tommy Doyle and David Quessenberry had absolutely no chance.

The Safeties (30:41)

Poyer has been that guy for the Bills, he’s statistically been a top-three safety in the league for the past few seasons and (finally) received an All-Pro nod last season. After the Hyde scare, the Poyer situation becomes a little more urgent. He’s going to want that contract to prove his worth on this Bills team, especially since he’s been outplaying it so far. And the Bills don’t have much leverage to keep pushing him back, so Evan guesses he could be signed before Week 1 and won’t sit out. Rico does think he’ll sit out. It’ll be one to watch.

Dane Jackson and Kaiir Elam (48:25)

Heading into season three, DJ is in a great situation. His first two seasons, he had multiple opportunities to keep learning and do his job. Last season, he held his own and now he’s in a battle to take advantage of Tre’s absence.

With the receivers that the Bills are facing in the first half of the season, the Bills need to be ready and both these corners are putting in the work. It’s a good position to be in to decide who sits out when Tre is out.

Delusional Fins fans (58:24)

Buffalo Fanatics on Twitter: “#Bills end up 3rd in the division??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🎙@thefinstailgate / Twitter”

Bills end up 3rd in the division??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🎙@thefinstailgate

Two Fins fans were talking on their podcast about the AFC East, and by God are they out of their minds. They believe the Bills are just “one nick away” from being third in the division. Third! Behind the Fins in first and the Pats, who have made basically no moves in the offseason, in second. Dolphins fans are wild and just love to chirp away.

They made Rico sweat with their ridiculousness.

What else to watch:

  • Kyler Murray and THAT contract clause (8:33)
  • The younger safeties on the Bills and their impact on the team (37:47)
  • Corners and the headlines Siran Neal has been making (41:37)

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