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Matt Araiza’s Big Secret



What could make one leg so holy? In a nutshell, Matt Araiza has great thighs, and he knows how to use them. Looking good in shorts worked for Josh Allen, so don’t think it’s not going to work for, Punt God.

The Buffalo News

Matt Araiza can make it boom! Granted he kicked in the pleasantries of San Diego weather, and his holding skills are TBD, what he can do with his thigh is not ordinary. Punt God has a unique blend of strength and elasticity, which can create divine results.


The thigh is made up of a four-headed monster of musculature. Hence the term ‘Quads’, Matt Araiza has a superb Vastus Medialis, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Intermedius, and especially, Rectus Femoris. 

The three-headed Vasti muscles provide the shape. The Vastus Lateralis provides the outside of the leg’s girth, whereas the Vastus Medialis creates the voluptuous bulge on the inside of the knee.

The Vasti are responsible for extending the knee. This creates a rock-hard leg, which is necessary for erupting footballs. Imagine how stiff Matt Araiza get’s his knee on impact.


The most unique of all the thigh muscles is the Rectus Femoris. This part of the quad is exceptional because it is so long that it crosses the knee and hip joints.

The elasticity this muscle needs to load, swing, and follow through is remarkable. Only the best punters and kickers have an elite Rectus Femoris. Let me assure you, Araiza’s Rectus is infectious.

The Buffalo News

Matt Araiza has all the makings to be a generational punter due to his phenomenal thighs. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if he does the Josh Allen workout. Steve O’Neal once punted a ball 98 yards for the NY Jets in 1969. A little thigh dancing might just get Punt God to 99 overall!

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