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Why Does Josh Allen Look Good In Shorts



Looking good in shorts ain’t easy. However, Bills Mafia lusts over Josh Allen’s leg cleavage. The clamoring started in 2018 when those poles first popped up on the scene. Before long, the thirst has become real, and verified Twitter accounts around the country have been paying homage. So, why so good? Here, we will look at a breakdown of the poster boy of donning shorts.

The Anatomy

There is a lot more than meats the eye when you see a man in shorts. However, what we do see is a blend of god-given structure: Thighs, Calves, Glutes.

Thighs are the showcase. A blend of girth, definition, and length that can captivate one’s eyes. Complemented with shorts that rest about 1” above the knee cap, how can someone be blamed for feeling mesmerized? The Vastus Medialis and Vastus Lateralis are the key ingredients. It’s the yin and the yang of the leg. All good thighs will have a pronounced bulge at the inner leg (Medialis), combined with a long dune of flesh on the outside of the leg (Lateralis).

The calves platoon the whole operation from the ground. Every good calf has two distinct bulges just below the crease of the knee. The Gastrocnemius is the name, and is two pieces, medial and lateral. Longer the limb, less the embankment, and in WNY we feel Josh blends the two admirably.

Bringing it all together, is a nice set of hams. Glutes are made up of three parts, the Gluteus Maximus, Medialis, and Minimus. A bump in the hump will accentuate one’s presentation. Which could lend hand to this popular paraphrase: High fives are for show, but slapping butts are for the dough.

The Style

Dressing oneself in the right length of fabric is essential. When Josh was going through the trials and tribulations of his adolescence, he lacked the proper awareness of this feature. Clearly, as Josh evolved and became a man, he now has a show of bravura.


Are you in the market for Josh Allen legs? Well, with these three simple exercises, you can make every day a leg day. Go out there, and channel your inner Josh Allen. Stay consistent, be somebody’s hero, and don’t forget, Trust the Process!

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