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The Thigh Dance: Josh Allen’s Next Big Move



He looks good in shorts and saved his career with his legs. But the best may be yet to come. Championships and accolades are nice, but end zone celebrations always resonate in football lore. We’ve seen his handshakes, the guitar solo, and a whole lot of slapping butts and high fives. What Josh hasn’t put on display in his celebratory acts, are those famous legs. There is no other dance for the golden boy of “looking good in shorts” than the Thigh Dance.

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What is the Thigh Dance?

The Thigh Dance began with a Western NY native in the NYC nightclub scene, circa 2014. After years of dominating the underground dance circuit, 2021 is thirsting for some thigh action on the big stage. In a nutshell, the dance is a rhythmic rocking of the lower body, legs split, in a lunging position. Not to be understated is a magical blend of cadenced upper body popping, and a fierce lip bite. Philosophically, this would fall into “Contemporary Street Dancing”. Perhaps, you could refer to this dance as a “Thigh Twerk”.

How to “Thigh it Up”

Have you ever found yourself nervous about your dancing in public? The Thigh Dance is for you. Anyone can size up a “thigh up” with three easy steps. All you need is a whole lot of knees, chest, and facials. Express yourself and use your inner charisma to take the thigh maneuver to new heights. Always remember, in the words of Giles Andreae from Giraffes Can’t Dance, “We all can dance when we find music that we love”.


Starting in a split stance, keep the feet stationary and rock to the beat. Shoot that lunge forward and hit the loud notes hard. Pretend for a second that you are listening to the SHOUT song. Punch that knee out like a firework when the lyrics hit “shout”. Feeling friendly? Give it a little wiggle here and there, kind of like a “Hello” for added delight.

You can even do it with teammates or friends. Have them grab your thigh a little above the knee cap and hold it for a few dance cycles. Kind of like riding a horse, but your hands are the rider and the thigh is the horse. Giddy up!!

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In its simplest form, the upper body makes rhythmic air pushups. Going back and forth, synchronized with the lower body’s lunge. The upper body movements have an opportunity to be creative and vibrant. This is where contemporary street dancing blends with krump dancing. Although the core responsibility of the arms are to “pop back” when the knee lunges forward, common variations are abundant.

The “double-pump” is pure gold. Popping your chest twice in the same lunge cycle will be sure to turn some heads. If that wasn’t enough fire, take your teammate/friend’s hand and hold it over your heart. Take things to the next level and pop your soul into their hand when you nail each hard beat, you beast.


This is where you bring it all together. Display confidence, make eye contact, and peacock with your expressions. Biting the bottom lip is a must. What the “tongue out” was to Michael Jordan, the “lip bite” is to the Thigh Dance. You can throw in a couple of “oh” faces like you just said, “oh no you didn’t”. However, always bring it home and hit your peak looking like you’re about to give yourself a fat lip.

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How it fits the Bills

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The key to the Thigh Movement is Josh Allen. Talk of him looking good in shorts is currently reaching a crescendo. To capitalize on the publicity, and use a celly like the Thigh Dance, he would cement his case as the best of our generation. The benefits don’t end with Josh though. It’s team-friendly, thus promoting vast comradery. For instance, the Bills WR room is primed for thigh time.

Everyone could partake, either as individuals, in pairs, or even in a choreographed group dance. Imagine Josh Allen just tumbled into a first down to seal the game. Instead of a quick arm chop signaling a first down, Josh throttles into position, pumps his thighs two or three times, and then boom- First Down!

How about a little Isaiah McKenzie jet sweep to the house? Enter Dion Dawkins rumbling to meet him. Dion lays his paw over his chest, while Isaiah emphatically thumps into it like it’s a pounding heart with each thigh thrust.

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Finally, there is the dance circle. With the game clinched, and the SHOUT song blaring, a dozen Bills are thighin’ it up in a circle. Each player’s knee hammering the beats in harmony, creating an electric buzz felt through each fan’s bones. The energy trickles to the stands. Herds of fans, rhythmically in sync, thrusting their thighs together. It would be like the ol’ Atlanta Braves chop, but with legs… and it could be done to the music that we love.

It’s time to thigh it up Buffalo. If you’re still confused, just remember what Will Ferrell says in Blades of Glory, “No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative… It gets the people going”.