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Buffalo Bills Week 13 Overreactions



The Buffalo Bills are on a winning streak! And they’re doing it with a more balanced offense too. The Bills rushed 19 times for 117 yards and one TD with players not named Josh Allen. While the Bills offense looked much better this week, the OL didn’t do it any justice. David Quessenberry and Bobby Hart (for the short time he was in) were revolving doors, leaving rushers with easy hits on Josh Allen. The Bills need Dion Dawkins back if they want any type of success on the OL. So, let’s overreact to yet another victory!

1.) Imagine adding OBJ to this offense.

The Bills are meeting with Odell Beckham Jr. this weekend and, according to Von Miller, he may not leave the city. Adding a real WR opposite of Stefon Diggs would improve an already high powered offense, and may be what this offense is lacking right now. And, who wants Odell donning a star on his helmet anyway? Not me, I’d rather see a standing Buffalo.

2.) Make James Cook RB1!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… James Cook is the future RB1 on this team. Rushing for 64 yards on 14 carries (4.6 yards/carry) and 41 receiving yards is what the Bills were looking for in their new RB, and Cook is doing exactly that. If/when the Bills let Devin Singletary walk in free agency, handing the reigns to James Cook shouldn’t be an issue. Cook brings another dimension to this offense that I haven’t seen since the prime CJ Spiller days.

3.) What is going on with Kaiir Elam?

The Buffalo Bills essentially benched Kaiir Elam for this matchup, shocking most of the fanbase in the process. Elam wasn’t listed on the injury report, and didn’t have an illness, so he was a healthy scratch. What the heck is happening? Elam has been slightly inconsistent this season, with his worst game coming against George Pickens and the Steelers. Pickens has proven to be a very physical WR and the Patriots have one or two physical receivers of their own, so maybe it was a matchup issue? Unless we get a comment from Sean McDermott, we may not know what went into the thought process there, especially with a CB coming off a serious knee injury.

4.) Is Gabe Davis back???

He’s baaaaackkkk. At least catching touchdowns anyway. Gabe caught his sixth touchdown of the year, and totaled one reception for seven yards outside of that TD catch. That was Davis’s first TD catch since Week 10 against the Minnesota Vikings. So is he an All-Pro like the agenda I’ve been trying to push? Probably not, but he’s still a reliable option for Josh in the red zone.

5.) The pass rush took a hit.

What was worse? The Amazon Prime Video feed or the Buffalo Bills pass rush Thursday? Both were bad, but I’ll have to give it to the Bills. Buffalo had countless opportunities to sack Mac Jones, but Mac pulled off his best Josh Allen impersonation. Evading sacks, rushing for yards on broken plays, the Bills edge rushers had some issues containing him. The Bills will miss Von Miller for another three games. Those three games could end up being crucial if the pass rushers can’t consistently get to the QB without him. The Bills invested a lot of draft picks into this position. It’s time for them to step up.

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