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Should the Bills sign Odell Beckham Jr?



This past weekend, Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame WR Andre Reed posted a picture on Instagram of himself and Odell Beckham Jr. (aka OBJ) in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This encounter brings up some questions for Buffalo Bills fans, like could OBJ fit in with this offense? Buffalo is expected to rely on Gabe Davis as the WR2 and either Isaiah McKenzie or Jamison Crowder in the slot. With that in mind, should the Bills still bring in the former All-Pro receiver?

Based on what Reed said, Odell was at least interested in running it back with Von Miller and going for back-to-back titles.

Shakir SZN 🔥 on Twitter: “Yo @obj come to Buffalo with you’re boy Von, lets prove these people wrong / Twitter”

Yo @obj come to Buffalo with you’re boy Von, lets prove these people wrong

When will OBJ be back?

Back during the Super Bowl, Odell tore his ACL for a second time in his career. Beckham is likely looking at a return sometime mid-season, which means the Bills wouldn’t see him until late in the regular season or in the playoffs. And, honestly, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Bringing in OBJ to play strictly in the playoffs, pairing him with Stefon Diggs and Co. would be a big deal for this offense. It could draw some looks off of Diggs. Once Odell comes back, the Bills would most likely break him in slowly. Giving him enough time to recover from his injury and learn the offense. Having the likes of Diggs, OBJ, Davis, McKenzie, and Crowder at WR, with Dawson Knox and OJ Howard at TE would be a cheat code. It would be impossible for opposing defenses to stop.

“Beckham could take his time here because, talking to teams, they don’t expect Beckham to be healthy until October or maybe even November… So Beckham can take his time, maybe even wait until the first couple of weeks of the season… He will likely go to a contender.”

Jeremy Fowler on Odell Beckham Jr’s likely recovery/signing timeline (Courtesy of ESPN)

Odell’s success with LA

After Odell left the Cleveland Browns, he seemed to find new life. In eight games with the Rams, he totaled 27 receptions for 305 yards and five touchdowns. If OBJ can find that production with Allen, the Bills will have more postseason success than recent years. The Rams brought in Allen Robinson a few months ago, meaning Odell likely won’t be back in LA. If he decides to look elsewhere, the Bills should definitely be calling him for a late season push.

Beckham is currently waiting until he’s healthy to sign with a team and, when he does, it most likely won’t be a big contract. I’d expect a one-year, $10 million “prove-it” (incentive-heavy) deal. Then, if he does well, striking it big in 2023. Reuniting Beckham with Miller in Buffalo would be a sight to see for all of Bills fans. It could be what pushes this team over that hill.

Featured Image: Sporting News