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Rico Report: 2022 Hype, Josh Allen’s Burden



On the latest episode of The Rico Report, our host touched on a number of topics. Are the Buffalo Bills overhyped heading into 2022, or do they deserve it? Exactly how much weight is on Josh Allen’s shoulders? Let’s get into it.

Are The Buffalo Bills Being Overhyped? (30:10)

According to fans, it’s all justified, but how does everyone else feel? There are plenty of doubters outside this building, but do they have a point? We say no. We have everything we saw success from over our last two seasons, minus a few minor tweaks. With an improved set of offensive weapons at all skill positions, some talented OL acquisitions and coaches, and tons of revolutionary defensive line work done, we’re in a better position than ever. The secondary has been bolstered, and the entire roster is raring to go. This team legitimately deserves to be the title favorites in 2022.

Josh Allen: Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place (33:40)

Josh Allen Buffalo Bills Kansas City
 Bill Wippert

That being said, getting to a Super Bowl won’t be enough to finally shed the embarrassment of those ‘90s Buffalo Bills teams. This team has absolutely everything, but there’s the ghosts of our past looming over us. Many players don’t shoulder the failures of their successors but, as a guy who has embraced the culture and the past of the city and people he’s adopted, Josh Allen is the exception. He understands the significance of what he can do for these people, and knows that getting close may be good enough for some franchises, but it won’t be for us.

Rico also touched on a few other topics. Is James Cook the next Tony Pollard (17:32)? What does the Jordan Poyer situation look like right now (22:10)? For all of that and more, check out the latest episode of The Rico Report on the Buffalo Fanatics YouTube channel.

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