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First Look: Buffalo Bills 2022 Season Schedule



The NFL’s schedule release has turned into quite the event. From the L.A. Chargers’ anime-themed video to some of the more muted releases, every team puts their spin on the occasion. In the most unusual way imaginable, the Buffalo Bills have announced their 2022 season schedule.

Primetime Bills on Twitter: “Here’s our 2022 schedule.Go Bills.📺: 2022 NFL Schedule Release | 8PM on @nflnetwork / Twitter”

Here’s our 2022 schedule.Go Bills.📺: 2022 NFL Schedule Release | 8PM on @nflnetwork

All 17 regular season games are now official. Let’s take a look at every game on the docket, shall we?

Per the Buffalo Bills

Week 1: September 8th @ L.A. Rams – 8:20pm EST

That’s right. The Buffalo Bills will open up the 2022 NFL season on the road, against the Super Bowl champion L.A. Rams. If you had any doubts about whether the league considers the Bills to be true top-tier talent, doubt no more. The Rams lost LB/DE Von Miller to us in March, and Robert Woods was sent to Tennessee. With Odell Beckham Jr. injured and a free agent, much of the Rams passing offense is up in the air, so to speak. Barring something unforeseen, Buffalo deserve to be narrow favourites here.

Buffalo Bills 2022 Schedule Los Angeles Rams Josh Allen
Timothy T. Ludwig/Getty Images

Week 2: September 19th vs. Tennessee Titans – 7:15pm EST

This may be a little tougher. Back-to-back prime time games to start the schedule against two of 2021’s top teams. The first Monday Night Football doubleheader of the 2022 season is a doozy. Tennessee sent away top WR A.J. Brown, and have their fair share of concerns on offense. With a QB controversy looming, and RB Derrick Henry coming off an injury-riddled season, is Tennessee really as good as their #1 seed last season shows? It remains to be seen.

Week 3: September 25th @ Miami Dolphins – 1:00pm EST

The Bills have played in Miami early in the season a lot over the last few years, and this is no different. Last time, it was a 35-0 shellacking. What will this time bring? It’s no lie to state that Miami committed to getting a lot better this offseason, and made strides in important areas. With WR Tyreek Hill under contract and a massive upgrade to their offensive line, Miami will put up a fight. Tua Tagovailoa will be the X-factor for this division rival in 2022.

Week 4: October 2nd @ Baltimore Ravens – 1:00pm EST

The Baltimore Ravens are coming off a tough year, but they’ve done a decent job of working this offseason. With a healthy Lamar Jackson under center, we should hope our defensive additions can keep him contained. A solid draft, a freshly-healed roster, and an early-season matchup: This could be a tough battle.

Week 5: October 9th vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – 1:00pm EST

The only game in this early stretch that could be considered ‘Easy’, we take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their roster is in flux, with no answers at QB. Their defense is terrifying, but their offense is uninspiring. The Buffalo Bills should be happy to walk out of this one with the next week already at the forefront of their minds.

Week 6: October 16th @ Kansas City Chiefs – 4:25pm EST

This is arguably the biggest game of the regular season for the Buffalo Bills, and it’s ludicrous that it isn’t a prime time broadcast. After our season ended in one of the best playoff games of all time, fans have been clamoring for more. Now, these rosters are going to be a bit different from what they were in January.

Buffalo Bills Schedule 2022 Josh Allen Kansas City Chiefs
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

When Kansas City let go of Tyreek Hill, they lost their biggest offensive threat not named Patrick Mahomes. They scooped up rookie WR Skyy Moore in the second round, but we can’t know how he’ll turn out until he sets foot on the field. With the Bills adding CB Kaiir Elam to help take away any opposing fastballs and Von Miller as the focus of our new-look defensive line, will it come down to a coin toss this time? We don’t think so.

Week 7: BYE WEEK

Many may complain about an early bye week, but Buffalo opens the season tougher than nearly every team in the NFL. Perhaps this Week 7 bye is exactly what they need to prepare for the remainder of the season, and especially Week 8.

Week 8: October 30th vs. Green Bay Packers – 8:20pm EST

If gunslingers with a do-or-die attitude make good TV, we’re about to experience an unbelievable Western. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers come into town for our lone Sunday Night Football matchup of the season. The NFC lost a lot of talent this offseason, and the Packers are no exception. With WR Davante Adams fleeing to the Raiders, they will need to do more to keep Rodgers satisfied. Until then, this offense could be muted. This is still a powerhouse team, however, and should not be taken lightly.

Week 9: November 6th @ New York Jets – 1:00pm EST

After one of the best games of the year, perhaps we should take it easy in Week 9. We’d sure like to, but the Jets had the best draft in the league. Finding several young cornerstones with their wealth of first-round picks, we’ll need to keep an eye on these up-and-comers. The New York Jets might not be the worst team in the AFC East anymore.

Week 10: November 13th vs. Minnesota Vikings – 1:00pm EST

Buffalo Bills 2022 Schedule Josh Allen Minnesota Vikings
Brace Hemmelgarn/USA TODAY Sports

The true storyline of this game isn’t about winning. The team that Josh Allen so famously christened with a massive upset in his second NFL start are coming to town. That’s not all they have to be mad about. The pure vitriol that came out of the Vikings fanbase in 2020, surrounding that famous Stefon Diggs trade, may come back to bite them. That ‘Diva’ WR1 has signed a team-friendly extension to be in Buffalo for the long haul, and may relish the opportunity to show his former franchise that he has plenty more ‘miracles’ left in him.

Week 11: November 20th vs. Cleveland Browns – 1:00pm EST

We know we’re playing the Browns in Week 11, but who’s going to be under center? With precedent around the league for a major suspension for misconduct, Deshaun Watson may not be on the field for this game. With a Week 9 bye on the schedule for Cleveland, a 10-game suspension would leave them headless against us. Their handling of the Baker Mayfield situation may mean they’re stuck with a low-level backup. If they have Watson, we’ll be expecting an entirely different beast.

Week 12: November 24th @ Detroit Lions – 12:30pm EST

Buffalo Bills 2022 Schedule Thanksgiving
AP Photo/Tyler Kaufman

Though not technically a ‘prime time’ game, we all love to watch the Buffalo Bills play on Thanksgiving. This time, we’ll find ourselves against vastly inferior opposition. Tackling, touchdowns, and biting into turkey legs: What’s not to love?

Week 13: December 1st @ New England Patriots – 8:15pm EST

Thursday Night Football returns, for our third and final mid-week game of the season. With a ‘normal week’ after our Thanksgiving throwdown, we visit the once-hated, now-pitied New England Patriots. In an unsuccessful offseason, the Pats shedded talent, failed to sign anyone, and drafted miserably. They have a case for the worst roster in the division now, and it’ll take some genius coaching from Bill Belichick to make them competitive.

Week 14: December 11th vs. New York Jets – 1:00pm EST

Fourteen weeks into the season, we finally get into the second half of our scheduled divisional games. As the Jersey Jets roll into town, the AFC playoff picture should take shape. This matchup should be a win, but, as we previously stated, the Jets are not to be taken lightly in 2022. Coming off a tough start to the year, New York could well have thrown in the towel by this point.

Week 15: December 17/18th vs. Miami Dolphins – TBD

The victims of flex scheduling once again, this game is still up in the air. We’ll host Miami as out last home game before the holidays, on either the 17th or 18th of December. Considering the moves made by Miami this offseason, and the quality of their defense prior to that, this game could still matter for the division title.

Week 16: December 24th @ Chicago Bears – 1:00pm EST

Get your shopping done early, as you won’t want to miss this Christmas Eve clash in Chicago. The Bears aren’t a good team right now, but every game is crucial down the stretch. The playoffs would only be a few weeks away, and securing home-field advantage is everything.

Week 17: January 2nd @ Cincinnati Bengals – 8:30pm EST

Buffalo Bills 2022 Schedule Josh Allen Cincinnati Bengals
James P. McCoy/Buffalo News

The last great game on our schedule, we go on the road for Monday Night Football in Cincinnati. Though we were only 13 seconds away from hosting them in the AFC Championship game, we get the chance to show them who the AFC’s top dog really is. The Bengals got better, but so did we. This is not only a tough game, but it’s absolutely pivotal for out mission to secure the #1 seed in the AFC this season.

Week 18: January 7/8th vs. New England Patriots – TBD

The schedule is made by mathematicians, not football fans. So it’s understandable that they thought this game would matter in 2022, considering how the regular season ended in 2021. It was a misguided effort. In a crowded AFC playoff field, the Patriots seem like the odd ones out. If they find themselves on the outside looking in, we could rest out starters ahead of some fierce playoff action. Be prepared to play the starters anyway, as this AFC seeding race is going to be fierce.