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Smoke Break: NFL Power Rankings/Buffalo Bills Schedule Preview



On the latest Smoke Break, Z-Bot covered the upcoming NFL Schedule release. One of our games has already been announced: we host Tennessee on Monday Night Football, Week 2. The Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans have become a rivalry, with big games every season. Last year, the Titans were the number one seed in the AFC, but they’ll have to fight hard for their division. Those early games are going to be as important as any. Bills got better, Titans may have gotten a lot worse. Buffalo was one yard away from a win last season, expect better from 2022.

Buffalo Bills Schedule: Prime Time Predictions (12:02)

The full schedule drops on Thursday May 12th, 8pm EST. What prime time games will we get? NFL teams can receive a maximum of five prime time games, and we have one heck of a schedule ahead of us. Which games would we rather snag during those nationally televised spots? Here are our opponents.

Schedule Buffalo Bills 2022

With the Bills as hot as they are now, we can expect a few night games. What about at home vs. the Green Bay Packers? The league tried to give us Mahomes-Rodgers last year, before Covid-19 intervened. We’ve played the New England Patriots under the lights late in the last few seasons, can we expect another MNF matchup?

Schedule Buffalo Bills 2022 Kansas city Chiefs
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One game cannot be ignored: the Bills vs. Chiefs divisional round rematch. In Arrowhead Stadium, we get the shot to redeem ourselves once more against our biggest thorns. It has to be one of the biggest games of the season; A guaranteed Sunday Night Football game. The Bills at L.A. Rams is a massive game, but unlikely to be scheduled for the season opener, due to proximity to the Tennessee game.

The Rest Of The Show

Z-Bot also discussed the newfound celebrity status of Josh Allen (24:05), and ranked the best teams in the NFL right now (42:03). For all that and more, check out the latest episode of Smoke Break on the Bufffalo Fanatics Youtube channel.

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