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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills: Things We Know This Week



Take off the maskscheck

“The Super Bowl is Americana at its most kitsch and fun.” — Sting

Ice Boom Removedcheck

“Losing a Super Bowl destroys all the good things that happened to get you there.” Don Shula


“I remember my dad asking me one time, and it’s something that has always stuck with me: ‘Why not you, Russ?’ You know, why not me? Why not me in the Super Bowl?”Russell Wilson

Two Wheel Toyscheck

“I believe that a bad Super Bowl halftime show is still better than a soccer game.”Ron White

Yard Workcheck

“This (Super Bowl) is not a must-win. World War ll was a must-win.”Marv Levy

Cave of the Winds/Maid of the Mist OPENcheck

“We were getting blown out and for him to do that … it sends chills down my body every time I see it, because Don Beebe reflected the Buffalo Bills, the whole attitude of the team, in just one play.”Jim Kelly

Allentown Art Festivalcheck

“I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”Marshawn Lynch

Swimming Pool Opencheck

“As a player, it says everything about you if you made the Hall of Fame. But, then again, boy… there’s something about winning a Super Bowl.”Terry Bradshaw

Strictly Hip Livecheck

“A CHAMPION is simply someone who did NOT give up when they wanted to.” — Tom Landry

Old Home Dayscheck

“Super Bowl parties are not my thing.”Sean McDermott

Taste of Buffalocheck

“Perception is reality, but it may not be actuality, and you have got to be able to keep the difference between that.”Bill Cowher


You may not win the Super Bowl. Your kids may not go on to be doctors and lawyers and everything may not go perfectly. That doesn’t mean it was a bad plan or the wrong thing. It’s just like a football season. Everything’s not going to go perfect.Tony Dungy

Eden Corn Festivalcheck

“It’s ridiculous for a country to get all worked up about a game—except the Super Bowl, of course. Now that’s important.” Andy Rooney

Italian Festivalcheck

“If it doesn’t matter who WINS or loses, then why do they keep SCORE.” — Vince Lombardi

Queen of Heaven Carnivalcheck

“I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want to win the next Super Bowl.”Jerry Jones

Canal Festivalcheck

“The great ones don’t come cheap.” — Mike Holmgren

Bills Training Campcheck

Do your job.” — Bill Belichick

Erie County FairTo be held this week

Humble enough to prepare, confident enough to perform.”Tom Coughlin

Buffalo Bills Preseason AUGUST 13

Discipline is not a light switch. Discipline is a way of life.” — John Harbaugh

Fantasy Football Draft pending

“There’s a process involved. It’s important that you’re a part of the process. It’s a group effort.”Sean Payton

Niagara County Peach Festivalpending

It’s not about what you’re capable of, it’s about what you’re willing to do.” — Mike Tomlin

NFL Opening Game L.A. RAMS vs. The Buffalo BillsSeptember 8

This was an elementary checklist of a minuscule sample of gratifying events. Events that I partake in when the weather is beautiful in Western New York. Just a few more items to check off, including double digit wins in Bills Country. This precedes the countdown to the HUGE item to check off

SUPER BOWL LVIIFebruary 12: Buffalo Bills vs. TBD

Featured Image: Jeff Roberson/AP Photo

I am semi-retired leaving my enjoyable 24 year management career due to multiple health issues. My dad retired from The Buffalo News after 49 years. I have been an avid fan for quite some time. Got that Marv Levy Fight Song In My Head for absolutely no reason.