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Buffalo Bills Promote Ken Dorsey to OC



With the news of Brian Daboll’s departure to the Giants came uproarious demand for his replacement, and one name was heralded above all: Ken Dorsey. Dorsey was the Quarterbacks Coach for the Buffalo Bills over the past three seasons and, with massive support from within the organization, the players on the field, and the fans, he was the natural choice. Some speculation emerged that he would follow Daboll to New York Jersey but any attempts to steal Ken away from his team, and his quarterback, were fruitless. The Giants were reportedly throwing everything they had at Dorsey, but some offers will never be tempting enough. Dorsey got the job he wanted. Everyone seems to be happy.

Vic Carucci on Twitter: “At least a half-dozen teams, including the #Bills, were in pursuit of Ken Dorsey for OC, per sources. It’s fair to say his employer stepped up to retain him. / Twitter”

At least a half-dozen teams, including the #Bills, were in pursuit of Ken Dorsey for OC, per sources. It’s fair to say his employer stepped up to retain him.

Dorsey’s Roots

We’ve been watching his handiwork for the past three years, but who is Ken Dorsey? A former quarterback himself, Dorsey was a dominant figure during his prolific college career with the Miami Hurricanes. He led them to a 38-2 record and a national championship as the starter, and punched a ticket to the University of Miami’s Hall of Fame.

His play didn’t translate well to the NFL, according to scouts, and he fell to the seventh round of the 2003 NFL Draft. A career backup, he spent five years in the NFL before a brief stint with the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts. He retired from playing shortly after. It was then that he began his coaching journey.

Coaching Career

You won’t be surprised to hear that he’s a former Carolina Panther. He started as a scout and, in two years, became their QB coach. The Panthers went to a Super Bowl during Cam Newton’s MVP season, which earned Dorsey a great deal of credit. A colleague of the eventual dynamic duo of Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott, Dorsey was a natural choice to bring in when the organization saw what they had in Josh Allen. His work with Newton had made him a uniquely experienced candidate.

He started in Buffalo as QB coach in 2019, Josh Allen’s sophomore season. That year, he made the first major leap of his career. His hard work and dedication are major factors, but his connection with Dorsey was undeniable. Together, they gave career years to players no one expected to succeed. Dorsey’s impact was immense. Just one year later, the Buffalo Bills were Super Bowl contenders behind an MVP-caliber season from Allen.

In 2021, his role was expanded, as the team made him the Passing Game Coordinator; a move likely made to groom him for his upcoming promotion. A key figure in our beloved offense, arguably the most dangerous scoring team we’ve ever had, Ken had the locker room and the front office behind him from the beginning.

What To Expect

Possibly the smoothest transition possible for a new offensive coordinator, you may not notice many changes right away. Dorsey has never played this role before and, though there will inevitably be a few growing pains, his experience this season was invaluable. He’s a raw prospect, something this franchise is familiar with, and will lean on Allen as he earns his stripes.

As Dorsey fills his role and gets comfortable, expect him to leave the ball in Josh’s hands. As a former QB, he knows that there’s no-one more important on the field and, when you have elite talent at the position, you use him. In the modern NFL, the passing game is more important than ever. Ken knows that. Josh knows that. McDermott knows that too, as this postseason proved. The organization will work with Allen and Dorsey to find a quality offensive line coach to replace Bobby Johnson, and their priority should be pass-protection specialists. With a plan already in the works, the Buffalo Bills offense should be ready to roll into 2022.

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