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Replacing Brian Daboll: Buffalo Bills OC Candidates



As many of us are well aware, Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator, Brian Daboll is up for a head coaching job. After a stunning stint with the Bills so far, it’s not surprising. He may stay with Buffalo, but if he doesn’t we need to be prepared. I’ve compiled a list of plausible candidates we may want on the Bills sidelines when September rolls around, if we find ourselves in the market for a new OC. As stated by Sean McDermott, no signing would happen without Josh Allen. He is expected to be in the loop for the entirety of the potential hiring process.

UPDATE: Brian Daboll has been hired as the Head Coach for the New York Giants.

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In-House Candidates

Ken Dorsey – Buffalo Bills QB Coach

If we’re being honest with ourselves, Dorsey is the perfect candidate. His pre-existing relationship with Josh Allen is great, and he’s already a guaranteed fit for the system. We’d likely need to promote him to avoid losing him to another franchise in the case of a Daboll departure, but that shouldn’t be upsetting to hear. It’s a good problem to have. He’s the in-house favorite to land the job if it becomes open. He’s a prime example of the kind of success you can create when you support the people in your organization. Allen has already voiced his support for this move, and frankly, we’d all be fools not to listen.

Chad Hall – Buffalo Bills WR Coach

Chad Hall already has the respect of his players. If for some reason Dorsey misses out on this promotion, Hall is the next most likely candidate to fill Daboll’s shoes. Heavily involved in our passing game, he would look to lead with aggressive play-calling and lean on Josh’s arm. After joining the Bills as an assistant in 2017, he was quickly promoted to WR coach and has since excelled. We could see another smooth transition, and big support for further depth at wide receiver this offseason.

External Candidates

Pep Hamilton – Houston Texans QB coach

Hamilton has recently overperformed with the Houston Texans’ miserable roster, giving fans hope with Davis Mills and a complete lack of supporting talent. A minor bright spot, but he was also behind the incredible rookie season of Justin Herbert in 2020. With a shot to call plays for an elite QB like Josh Allen, he could be expected to dial up the pass game in any scenario. An excellent resume features a wide body of work with a broad range of successful quarterbacks. To name a few: Chad Pennington, Vinny Testaverde, Alex Smith, Andrew Luck, and the aforementioned Justin Herbert and Davis Mills. He’s a popular candidate, but the Bills job might be too tempting to turn down.

Jim Caldwell – Former Lions/Colts Head Coach

A little unorthodox, since Caldwell’s name is in the mix for a few Head Coaching positions at the moment. However, he may not end up in one. If he’s available, he could take on the opportunity to work with Josh Allen in 2022. His Colts teams went 24-8 in the regular season and made the Super Bowl in 2009, but he was ousted after Peyton Manning’s neck injury derailed his final year. However, Caldwell worked well with Manning, and would have relished the opportunity he never got, working with the incoming Andrew Luck. If he ends up available, he’s as attractive a candidate as any. His extensive history working with offensive positions dates all the way back to 1978. It covers everything from receivers to QBs, assistant roles to the biggest roles a coach can hold. He’s due for another opportunity.

Thomas Brown – L.A. Rams Assistant HC/RB Coach

Thomas Brown had a short playing career, but his time spent on the sidelines since is prolific. As an assistant, Brown has worked for a wide range of programs over the past 10 years. He is a massive favorite of Sean McVay, who follows similar philosophies to Sean McDermott. He draws stark contrast to the current offensive regime in Buffalo, but his attention to detail in the run game could be a boon. The team has established Josh Allen as the franchise quarterback indefinitely, trusting him with the offense. He’s expected to lead the passing game, as he now brings a veteran approach from his pro experience. They may bring in Brown as someone who approaches things differently, and can combat an area of weakness to counterbalance our stellar passing game. He will get a nod as an OC at some point; it could be as early as this season.

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