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Which Bills players are being overhyped?



As we approach training camp, it has become evident that a couple Buffalo Bills players are being overhyped. Now, don’t get it twisted, “overhyped” does not mean that I think they will be bad, but I believe we should slow our roll on a couple guys.

1.) Devin Singletary

Pierre Kingpin on Twitter: “Devin Singletary isn’t a Top 5 RB in the #NFL but I strongly feel the debate starts around 9-10. / Twitter”

Devin Singletary isn’t a Top 5 RB in the #NFL but I strongly feel the debate starts around 9-10.

Motor has been consistently “meh” during his tenure with the Buffalo Bills. During the last stretch of the 2021 regular season, former OC Brian Daboll switched to a more run-heavy approach. The Bills were facing light boxes and for a majority of the year, yet were unable to take advantage. After increasing Motor’s rushing attempts, his production increased. Over the last four regular season games, he scored six of his seven rushing TDs. A very solid end to an otherwise “meh” year from Motor.

I understand the Bills offense is (rightfully) pass heavy, so the opportunity — from an attempts stand point — may be lacking. However, I believe it is more than made up for by on-field opportunity. The Bills faced many two high safety shells last year as defenses attempted to slow down Allen’s arm. Through the lens of a running back, facing two high shells is a good thing. It means you will be facing a lighter box, as the defense concedes running room to defend the pass.

Motor had a fine season, but was unable to truly take advantage of the looks he had. I understand that the offensive line was suboptimal for a majority of the season, but this does not change the fact that Motor — for a majority of the season — was unable to truly take advantage. I believe he is not a great fit for this offense, and I think that Beane and Co. recognize that (and then took James Cook in the second round). Motor is a fine running back, but I think we should cool the jets a bit heading into training camp.

2.) Gabe Davis

The last time we watched Bills football, we saw Gabe Davis break a playoff record for touchdowns and have over 200 receiving yards. Now, let me be very clear: I love Davis and believe he can (and will) have a good season. However, the talk on Davis has gotten slightly out of hand. There is seemingly an expectation that he will put up very big numbers next year as Buffalo’s surefire WR2. While I agree a production jump is almost inevitable, we have to curb our enthusiasm a bit on what that jump will look like. This conversation is less about Gabe as a player and more about the fan base’s expectations. I have a fear that Gabe may fall into what I call the “Tremaine Chamber”. Let me explain…

Tremaine Edmunds came into the Buffalo Bills organization with a set of sky-high expectations placed on him solely by the fans. Throughout his career, Edmunds has been an above average middle linebacker. He has manned the middle of a nickel defense, with more responsibility than nearly any other linebacker in football. However, relative to the expectations set by fans, he is not good enough and gets ridiculed more than any player on the roster. I fear Davis may walk straight into the “Tremaine Chamber” as it is possible he has a very reasonable year, while also not meeting outside expectations. So, maybe we should simmer down a bit on the Davis hype.

3.) Josh Allen

I’m just joking. Josh Allen is not overhyped. Go Bills!!

Featured Image: James P. McCoy/Buffalo News

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