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Tyler Bass Got Extended!!!



Tyler Bass, Buffalo Bills, Brandon Beane

Brandon Beane gets it fucking done and brings back the only current Buffalo Bills player who matters. For those of you asking: yes, I definitely screamed and cried when the news came out. Also yes, my mission to meet Tyler Bass has now also been extended. What an excellent day for the world. (CC Buffalo police: I’m not dangerous. I promise.)

Does Bass deserve this?

If this is seriously one of your questions you need to make like Dwight’s watermelon and throw yourself off of a roof because wtf. Hell yes he deserves it.

Tyler Bass has consistently been the NFL’s Swaggiest AND Sexiest Kicker.

A four-year deal worth up to $21M is peanuts compared to the $500M I firmly believe he is worth. And why should he not get it? He has made 85.6% of his FG attempts and 97.5% successful PATs. This is the highest average for an NFL kicker (note: this is not accurate and simply Trish loving on Tyler Bass whilst simultaneously shitting on the rest of pathetic NFL kickers).

Bass found himself in Buffalo after being drafted by the Bills in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL draft. This was the greatest decision Beane ever made; second only to extending him of course. And they did it just in time too. Bass was set to become a free agent after this season and they obviously were not going to let go of the all-time franchise leader in single-season scoring. (This one is true, Trish occasionally DOES do research.)

No one has the swagger that Bass does. No one has ice in his veins like Bass does. And nobody has an ass quite like B(ass).

Say it with me folks:

Tyler Bass is a franchise Kicker.

God bless you, Meemaw.

(P.S. I love you!!)

Featured Image: Sky Sports

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