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NFL’s Swaggiest Kicker – A Love Letter to Tyler Bass

Tyler Bass has been a tremendous kicker for the Bills. Here is a love letter to the swaggiest kicker in the NFL. Love you Tyler!



If you follow me on any social media platform, you by now know of my love for Tyler Bass. A love that is so intense, it’s unhealthy. But a love that is so very deserved. And now, with him being named AFC special teams player of the month, it seems like the perfect time to take a deep dive into why exactly Tyler Bass received his title of NFL’s Swaggiest Kicker.

A huge thanks to Meemaw

Tyler Bass began his career on a soccer field. A prolific midfielder, Bass impressed his grandmother of all people with his strong leg. So impressed, in fact, that she encouraged the teenager to try out for the football team.

And so he did. But that didn’t stop meemaw. She took him to practice when required, brought him snacks, and became a ball boy for him. Everyone knows grandparents are the best, but no one can compare to meemaw.

You would think that that would be his origin story, a quick change to football, and the rest would be history. But Bass continued to play soccer throughout his high school career, playing in 70 games with 44 starts and scoring 14 field goals with 19 assists. An excellent teammate.

However, his kicking stats are even more impressive. He made 74 of 76 XP attempts and 18 of 20 FG attempts, with his longest being 47 yards. He was making it look easy even back in his early years. So much so that following his senior year, he won the Chris Sailer Award, given to the best high school kicker.

So yes, meemaw deserves a huge thank you.

Tyler Bass
Photo by Georgia Southern Athletics

A Georgia Southern Legend

Following a very successful early career, Bass committed to Georgia Southern and thus began his true path to the NFL.

His first season was spent as a redshirt, while his second as a redshirt freshman only saw him play in two games. However, in those games, he made six of seven extra points. This set the tone for the rest of his time at college, boasting a total of 116 XP attempts and only missing two while making 54 of 68 FG. A true stud.

So studly, in fact, that he was twice given Second Team All-Sun Belt honors and one First Team All-Sun Belt honors. He also partook in the 2020 Senior Bowl, making two field goals and four of four XP attempts.

He was putting the NFL on notice.

Pandemic Miracle?

Bills special teams coordinator Heath Farwell just so happened to be in Georgia during Bass’ Pro Day. A-Pro Day, which hadn’t been canceled like so many others thus far.

The travel restrictions during the pandemic meant that many teams were unable to meet prospects in person. In fact, Farwell was the only coordinator who could make it to the Pro Day in person, giving him exclusive access to Bass. (

Farwell walked away from that meeting and said, “I really got an opportunity to understand what he’s about, understand the competitor he is, the mindset, the toughness, how smart he is as a football player. Not just as a kicker, but the understanding of the game in general” ( Translation: Tyler Bass has a swagger about him that most NFL kickers can never achieve during their careers.

The pandemic, while awful and truly difficult, allowed this kicker to impress the league.

The pick that will go down in history

Now, as much as it pains me to admit, I didn’t like how the Bills used a sixth-round pick on drafting a kicker. It seemed far too early to be going after special teams players. But, as is always the case, BBB and McDermott knew what they were doing, and in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills selected Tyler Bass with the 188th overall pick. That very sentence still gives me chills.

During a limited training camp, thanks again to the pandemic, Bass beat out Hauschka for the starting job. The Bills have never had a very consistent kicker, so expectations were high.

Unfortunately, his debut left much to be desired, with him making all of his extra-point attempts but making only two of four of his FG attempts. The fact that they were under 40 yards each filled Bills fans with dread that maybe all was not solved.

But that was spoken much too soon, for Bass went on to make four of his FG attempts over the following five games. When the Bills faced the Jets again, Bass redeemed himself scoring six of eight FGs and setting a new career-long field goal attempt of 53 yards. I particularly remember my obsession with this kicker in the beginning stages here.

And then the game that made me fall head over heels: the Cardinals game. Most will remember this as the Hail Murray game. Not me though, I remember this as the game where Bass. Balled. Out.

He scored every single one of his FG attempts over 50 yards and set a new career-long field goal of 58 yards. Also, making history as the second kicker in NFL history to make three field goals longer than 54 yards in a single game. The fact he didn’t win Special Teams Player of the Week was a huge snub. I will forever carry a chip on my shoulder for him.

He finished off that season as my favorite Bills player and my one true love.

Tyler Bass
(AP Photo/Matt Durisko, File)

AFC Special Teams Player of the Month

Somehow, Bass actually got better in the offseason because he has made every single one of his extra-point attempts and missed only one of his field goals attempts thus far.

And his longest FG of the season came against the Dolphins last week. A kick I’m sure no one can ever forget. A 57-yard bomb. What. A. Stud.

He was the only candidate for Special Teams Player of the Month. No one was more impressive.

What’s more, is that this is only the beginning. He will continue to get better, and the Bills have found their kicker for years to come. This bodes well for me as I may actually get the chance to one day meet him. Because I will meet him.

To Tyler Bass, the NFL’s Swaggiest Kicker; I Love You ❤️

Much like Marty McFly, Trish Patel (aka Tyler Bass Enthusiast) is a time traveller who stole a sports almanac so as to fool you mortals into believing that she can predict the stats of a game. If you come at her on social media, there is an excellent chance you'll get burnt. They don't call her @savage_trish for nothing.