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Buffalo Bills

Trish’s Pants-Shittingly Rad Recap: Bills-Bears



I am once again in a completely irrelevant time zone and, thus, did not watch the Bills game. Many apologies to those who were counting on me 💔. But, good news for lovers of chaos: it’s time for a recap based entirely off of your tweets! Such fun.

1.) Singledaddy is KING

There was a battle for #10 spot on the Buffalo Bills all-time rushing leaders list. Joshy poo and Singletary were neck and neck. But, the studly RB1 edged out. Beautiful 🥰.

James Cook also did some nice running and, according to many of you, is the future of running backs in the entire league. Fit him for a gold jacket now.

2.) MISSING: WR STEFON DIGGS. Please contact KEN DORSEY if you have any information on his whereabouts.

Does anyone know if Stefon Diggs is even on the Bills anymore? Seems like he needs to be released if he’s of no use at this point. Just a waste of cap space. Give me OBJ instead. Least he’s somewhat useful.

3.) Tyler Bass is the GOAT regardless of what you all say!!

Enough said. Anyone says anything negative about him again and I will murder you all.

4.) #FireDermott

What has Sean McDermott even done for the Buffalo Bills? Back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back playoff berths? I could do that.

Beane needs to make a change in coaching staff. I hear Urban Meyer is available…

Honourable Mentions

1.) Tyler Bass: Because everyone else is irrelevant.

2.) Andrea & Ryan: They just suck really.

Featured Image: Trish Patel

Much like Marty McFly, Trish Patel (aka Tyler Bass Enthusiast) is a time traveller who stole a sports almanac so as to fool you mortals into believing that she can predict the stats of a game. If you come at her on social media, there is an excellent chance you'll get burnt. They don't call her @savage_trish for nothing.