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Top 5 Former Buffalo Bills Who Deserve Honorary Super Bowl Rings



Now, now, let’s not be hasty. The Buffalo Bills haven’t won anything yet. It would be reckless to crown ourselves Super Bowl champions in June. Still, what’s a little harmless speculation? Josh Allen leads the MVP odds at the moment, the Bills are favored in every game on their schedule, and our beloved boys in blue are the leading pick to win it all in February. Why not put the cart before the horse a little, and imagine it?

Buffalo Bills Honorary Super Bowl Rings

Let’s set the scene. The game is over, the confetti is falling, and Josh Allen is holding that coveted Lombardi trophy above his head. You’re crying. I’m crying. There’s no shortage of people to thank for getting us to this moment. A championship run is a beautiful thing, and it takes a village to get there. Many teams give out honorary Super Bowl rings to the people who helped get them to where they are today, and the Buffalo Bills should be no different. Who deserves to be honored by the Super Bowl Champions?

5.) Lorenzo Alexander

Lorenzo Alexander Jerry Hughes Super Bowl Rings Buffalo Bills Josh Allen
Eric Christian Smith/AP Photo

What can be said about Lorenzo Alexander? After a career made of practice squads and low level roster spots, he found a home in Buffalo and helped turn the franchise around. A ‘Heart and Soul’ player, Lorenzo made waves in the locker room. His leadership was an example to us all, and his dedication and perseverance exemplified that Buffalo spirit.

4.) LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy Super Bowl Rings Buffalo Bills Josh Allen

Shady was Josh Allen’s leaning post during his rookie season, and taught him a lot about becoming a pro. A career workhorse in his own right, LeSean McCoy shared that with the man under center. He was extremely vocal about his love and appreciation for our now-franchise QB at a time where it wasn’t fashionable, and continued to champion him despite criticism after his time in Buffalo ended. A crucial factor in ending our playoff drought and bringing in the team we know and love today, LeSean McCoy has a good case to be honored by Buffalo if/when we win the Super Bowl.

3.) Jerry Hughes

Jerry Hughes Super Bowl Rings Buffalo Bills Josh Allen
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

This is an obvious choice. Jerry Hughes gave the Buffalo Bills his entire career. After being traded by the Indianapolis Colts in 2013, Hughes played for the Bills for a long time. As he aged, he welcomed in the new era of Buffalo football with grace and humility. Twice as a Buffalo Bill, he was on the cusp of a Super Bowl ring of his own. Though he may be playing in Houston now, he’ll always be with us in our hearts. When we finally secure that trophy for the cabinet, Jerry will be forced to make a visit.

2.) Cole Beasley

Cole Beasley Buffalo Bills Josh Allen
Source Unknown

Cole Beasley was possibly the most important piece of Josh Allen’s early growth as a QB, aside form his own work ethic. ‘Bease’ played far better than his contract was worth, making plays time and time again to put us in positions to win. Though he may have left on uneven terms, his importance to the team and his role in turning us into the Super Bowl-caliber offensive powerhouse can’t be overstated. He may not be on the roster any more, but Cole put in the work.

1.) Kyle Williams

Kyle Williams Super Bowl Rings Buffalo Bills Josh Allen
Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News

Who else? There was perhaps no player more beloved over the span of ‘The Drought‘ than Kyle Williams. Culturally, he was as significant to the Buffalo Bills as any player in team history. Though the team has changed a lot since his retirement at the end of Josh Allen’s rookie season, he still has a great many friends out making plays. When the time comes, and the parade rolls around downtown Buffalo, expect to see Kyle Williams driving the team bus, wearing a Super Bowl ring of his own.

Honorable Mentions: WR John Brown, DT Justin Zimmer

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