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Smoke Break: How Can Josh Allen Win MVP In 2022?



On the latest Smoke Break, Z-Bot touched on a number of topics. Chief among them was a question we had that needed answering: How can Josh Allen win the MVP in 2022? Let’s get into it.

How Can Josh Allen Win MVP In 2022? (49:01)

From the hurdle over Anthony Barr in Allen’s first win with the Buffalo Bills back in 2018 to the absolute dominance he displayed in this year’s playoffs, we’ve steadily seen our quarterback rise to prominence. When he leapt to the forefront of the league in 2020, he was the MVP runner-up behind Aaron Rodgers. This year, he was dominant yet again, but still fell shy of the legendary accolade. So what will it take to get him there?

Josh Allen MVP Buffalo Bills
AP Photo/Winslow Townson

What does he need to do to finally push the needle? Unfortunately, the MVP is largely a team-based award attributed to the quarterback; his teammates will play a part. Dominance is the name of the game, and a QB doesn’t do it just by himself. The worst record for an MVP quarterback in recent history was Matt Ryan’s 11-5 record with the Atlanta Falcons in 2016. Aaron Rodgers is coming off of two consecutive MVP seasons and he secured 13 wins in each regular season. Wins aren’t a quarterback stat, but they are an MVP one.

The Stats (1:00:45)

As for the more tangible individual stats, things vary a little. Z-Bot threw out the averages for us.

Allen’s Average (2020/2021)MVP Averages (Last 10 Seasons)
Team Record12-4.513-3.1
Comp %66.2566.9
Pass Yds44754449
Pass TDs3541.4

He goes on to explain further, but you’ll have to listen in for that. The image he painted is clear: Josh Allen is a hair’s breadth away from being the NFL MVP, and he could have already had it in 2020. His rushing stats can put him over the top, but he’ll need to secure the ball better if he intends to lock up the most prized individual accolade in the NFL.

Z-Bot also touched on the latest Jordan Poyer news (20:16) and discussed getting Buffalo Bills tattoos (39:26). For all of that and more, check out the latest Smoke Break on the Buffalo Fanatics YouTube channel.

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