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Interview With Buffalo Bills RB Devin Singletary



Recently, the Buffalo Fanatics’ own Rico and Z-Bot met up with some Bills players at an exclusive West Herr event. They sat down with the Buffalo Bills’ RB1, Devin Singletary, for an interview. Here’s how it went.

Devin Singletary: Leading the RB Room

The boys asked Devin a whole lot of questions, and they started with a heater. We wanted to know about what it’s like adding these new players to an already-close knit running back room. What was it like when the Buffalo Bills drafted James Cook, adding a new RB to the roster? What kind of adjustments did he have to make?

“[We] just got that Florida connection. It’s like we just automatically click.”

Devin Singletary on rookie rb James Cook

In adding Cook, the Buffalo Bills varied their skillsets at RB, but Devin Singletary may lose some touches as a result. How does he feel about adding more guys at his position, and leading them?

“I’m good on dropping dues or whatever it may be. You can lean on me.”

On losing snaps and being a leader

A Committee of Running Backs

“It’s helping us last- Our bodies not taking a beating and all that, so I’m with it.”

On a running back committee

Most running backs want to be getting lots of touches and finding their rhythm. How does he feel about losing touches to other guys? His answer was about staying focused.

“When your opportunity comes, you[‘ve] got to be prepared… You can’t let you not getting 20 touches creep into your mind, cause with your 10 touches you might not be as good as you need to be because your mind is somewhere else.”

On the topic of getting fewer touches

The boys also went into what prompted his takeover on the tail end of the 2021/22 NFL season. What let him to break out? Going from being the young gun in 2019 to the veteran in 2022 must be a strange thing. From working with a legend like Frank Gore to being the leader of the RB room, what lesson did he have for you that you stuck?

“Your best ability is availability.”

What he learned most from Frank Gore

Offseason, Offense, and The Season Opener

Consistency has been key for Devin Singletary this offseason, and he’s running nearly the same regime he did last year. For someone in such great shape, what does he consider a cheat meal? They asked him about his initial thoughts on the schedule, and opening the season on the road in LA against the reigning Super Bowl champs. What’s it like preparing to kick off the season, and getting national respect?

Devin Singletary Buffalo Bills Interview
Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

Next, they asked an important question for ball-carriers. Why is the running back position being devalued in the modern NFL? Drafting a RB in round one is considered a fallacy: As a RB, how do you feel about it?

Going into year four, a contract year, has do be tough. Does it weigh in his mind? 2022 will be the offense’s first year under a new OC. Now that Brian Daboll is in New York and Ken Dorsey is running the unit, how does he feel about it? Does already having your new coach as part of the team help?

To check out the interview, and answer all of these questions, click this link or check out the Buffalo Fanatics YouTube channel.

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