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Interview With Buffalo Bills QB Matt Barkley



Recently, Buffalo Fanatics’ own Rico and Z-Bot met up with some Bills players at an exclusive West Herr event. They sat down with the Buffalo Bills beloved backup QB, Matt Barkley, for a interview. Here’s how it went.

Matt Barkley: Coming Back

Matt Barkley is returning to Buffalo, but how is his role changing this season? What was he brought back for?

“I think I’m bringing back that familiarity that Josh has with me and our friendship and our relationship. But, in addition to that, kind of being a steady role in the QB Room, in the offense, and a vet on the team. I’m bringing back that presence, which is what Sean and Beane kind of wanted.”

“They know I can play, I’m confident still in my ability to play if need be”

“It’s really just kind of putting all the pieces together this year to win a championship which is always the goal but I think Josh has grown especially “

Matt Barkley on returning to Buffalo

Home Away From Home

He seemed really stoked to be back here, and we think everyone else feels the same. What’s the biggest difference between here and anywhere else, and what makes him get that feeling of excitement being back here with the Buffalo Bills?

“It’s just a different vibe, I’ve played in over ten cities now.” “I started my career in Philly, which is like ‘This is nuts, can’t get any better than this, Philly fans are on another level’ but then I get here and Bills Mafia- They treat you like family. I don’t want to bag on Philly, they’re great fans, but it’s like- you do one wrong thing and [they want to beat you up]. Buffalo, I feel, they love you no matter what, it’s just like a family vibe here.”

On the excitement of getting to come back to Buffalo.

“When we found our we’re coming back here in free agency, my wife started crying she was so excited.”

Spending a season away, was it tough to focus on what your new team was doing when the old team you loved was right there, all over the headlines. Matt Barkley played for three different teams in 2021/22, and happened to play against the Bills three times, none of which were divisional games.

Matt Barkley Interview Buffalo Bills
Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

What is it about Josh Allen’s game that stands out? What makes you say ‘This kid is different’? Having spent a year away, on three other rosters, Barkley must have heard other opinions on the Bills. What was everyone else saying? How did they gameplan for Josh Allen? How does Matt Barkley feel about the NIL, and the contrast between former OC Brian Daboll and new OC Ken Dorsey?

For the entire interview, and answers to these questions, click this link or check out the Buffalo Fanatics YouTube channel.

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