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International Player Spotlight (2023): DE Kehinde Oginni Hassan



Every year, the NFL scouts and gives the opportunity to international football players to compete at the professional level both via the International Pathway Program (IPP) and the conventional NCAA pipeline. So, I want to bring your attention to just a few of them. This week, we shine the spotlight on Kehinde Oginni Hassan.

DE Kehinde Oginni Hassan (Free Agent)

You might have heard this name before, and no you’re not losing your mind. Hassan was a part of the IPP last year. He was lucky enough to be signed by the Chiefs and even saw some preseason play time before being cut.

Hassan started his NFL career as a tight end before making the transition to defensive end. Given his height and weight, this seemed like a recipe for disaster. But, the Chiefs liked him enough to give him some time on the field, and he held his own.

Hassan: 1st clip no.72 lde bottom of screen. 2nd clip, rde


Height: 6’7”

Weight: 225 lbs

Wingspan: Unknown


+ Massive Frame: Hassan is a monster, standing at a huge 6’7” height. And he uses it all to his advantage. The way in which he can extend to his full length and really push can be attributed to his basketball background. This is useful when trying to lock up the OL.

+ Speedy: Unofficially, Hassan ran a 4.80(ish) 40 time. Not as fast as some of the prospects we’ve seen. However, when making those cut moves it shows. He can gain an advantage over the tackle and get to the QB quicker than most.

+ Agility: The time Kehinde spent at camp last year as a TE shines through with his technique. His ability to cut and turn in his routes shows really good body control. A DE with body control and speed? An excellent combination.


– Very lanky: When it comes to blocking, Hassan’s 225lbs just isn’t enough. Lining up against huge 300+ lb offensive linesmen will see him very quickly overpowered with absolutely no leverage. He can gain the weight and muscle needed through training, but right now it’s not good.

– Little strength: Hassan’s weight is also a factor when tackling. Gaining an advantage over the OL is fine, but if he is able to reach the QB, who’s to say he can bring him down? What about a significantly stronger RB? I can’t see Hassan being able to bring King Henry down.

Should Hassan be an “International Bill”?

Last year, I said that Kehinde Oginni Hassan has the strive and dedication to become a great player. I still stand by that. The various camps he attended during his early career AND the time he spent at the highest level with the Chiefs, gives him an edge over most IPP players. Even more so, the scope of his ability is unmatched. He can play TE and DE but his abilities could make him a decent WR or, even better, a DB which the Bills sorely need. Hassan is a must for the Bills mostly because I love his versatility. He could slot in anywhere.

Featured Image: ChiefsWire/USA Today Sports

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