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Buffalo Bulletin: Shut Up and Pay Jordan Poyer



Is the rest of this article even necessary? Truly? I believe the title says it all. Through four weeks, with only three games played, Jordan Poyer leads the NFL in interceptions, and his game-changing performance gave the Buffalo Bills new life as they narrowly escaped their trip to Baltimore with a victory. He epitomizes his position, both in calibre of play and the feeling of safety we get when he’s on the field.

Where Things Stand

As we all know, Jordan Poyer has been campaigning for a fresh extension since being awarded a First-Team All-Pro selection last season. Since then, the Buffalo Bills have opted to extend Stefon Diggs, Reggie Gilliam, Dawson Knox, and others. These players were certainly deserving, but Poyer plays a key role in the league’s best secondary.

“Just the way he plays, man — the intensity, the love that he plays with for those guys on the field and on the sideline — you can’t replicate.”

– Josh Allen on Poyer, per Alaina Getzenberg (ESPN – oct 2/22)

Playing on the final year of his deal before becoming an Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA), he needs a guarantee and we need a safety. He was given a good-faith incentives bonus on his current contract this offseason, adding a possible $1.5M to his deal, but it’s not enough. We need security at the position, and we need it before this season is over.

Buffalo Bills Jordan Poyer interception safety

Poyer has already earned a $250,000 contract bonus for hauling in three interceptions, part of that aforementioned incentive bump. He is doing more than his part on the field with the absence of Micah Hyde, who will miss the entirety of the 2022 season. We need to ensure that Jordan Poyer is sill going to be here when 2023 rolls around.

The Here and The Now

More importantly, we need him for this postseason. He’s a competitor and wouldn’t take it easy with his teammates around him, but his mind should be on one thing only in January. Could you focus on winning a chip when you might be on the job market a month later? Can you sacrifice your body for a regime that may put you out in the cold?

He played through camp despite being in position to hold out. Then he got hurt but kept participating anyway. Both in games and on the practice field, Poyer has done what he felt was right for this team. To say he isn’t willing to give it all for this team would be dishonest,

Aside from salary cap space, which is definitely an issue next season after the Dawson Knox extension, the only argument against Jordan Poyer being on this team moving forwards is age. It’s a moot point, seeing as he’s playing at the highest level of his career right now at 31.

“All I’ve heard is Jordan’s age, this and that. So that continues to motivate me in the offseason. I chose to be here because I wanted to come here and show that I’m ready to play and I can still play at a high level.”

– Poyer on his contract extension talks, per Michael Baca (NFL – July 24/22)

Extend Jordan Poyer: Positives Past 2022

This issue may be plaguing the Buffalo Bills right now, but it’s also set to provide a host of future problems. Having Poyer securely under contract to start the 2023 NFL season is far from a single positive, however.

Micah Hyde Jordan Poyer Buffalo Bills

There’s reason to worry about Micah Hyde’s health. Still having an All-Pro safety under contract in the event of a possible retirement is something to consider. There are real concerns about both Hyde’s ability to play, and his effectiveness in doing so if cleared for football activity. We need to keep the secondary effective, which Poyer’s top-tier play helps with, but so does his leadership. Voted on by his peers, Jordan Poyer has been a captain for three consecutive seasons.

It will take some work, and it may involve letting go of players we’d rather keep, but this defense is significantly better with Jordan Poyer in it. Work your magic, Brandon Beane, because the mob is getting louder with every interception. It’s only a matter of time before the fans draw up the contract themselves.

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