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Buffalo Bulletin: In Defense of Ken Dorsey



“He gets fired up quick, so he’s going to have to be in the box. We can’t have him out there on the field.”

– Gabriel Davis on Ken Dorsey calling plays, per NBC, June 1st 2022

Gabriel Davis said that of Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey all the way back in June. For some, Dorsey’s now-viral meltdown following an upsetting loss was outrageous. For many, the outburst was a symbol of what we all felt ourselves: frustration, disappointment, and bitterness towards a result we had the power to change, and didn’t.

What Went Wrong?

Josh Allen Jevon Holland Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills 2022
AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

He should be proud of his work from the booth. The offense moved that ball, eating clock consistently to keep our inexperienced secondary off the field as long as possible. They overcame injuries, the unfortunate shuffling of personnel, and a short week. But, for a few key moments, the Buffalo Bills had won the day. Ken Dorsey’s offense did everything right, barring one exception… Points.

Buffalo BillsMiami Dolphins
Total Yards (Per Play)497 (5.5)212 (5.4)
Time of Possession40:4019:20

That’s where the frustration lies. On paper, this was a dominant performance by an offense that couldn’t be stopped, but they stalled out in the red zone twice (50%), ran out of time on should-be simple plays to get in field goal attempts with the clock expiring, and coughed up the ball on our own 5-yard line. The perfect game plan was inches from flawless execution, and, as a competitor, Dorsey let some of that fire out.

We Are All Ken Dorsey

But, to the fans that have been paying close attention for the last four seasons, his reaction was anything but a surprise. That passion is an attribute so many others are praised for.

Ken Dorsey represented us well as he demolished that Microsoft surface tablet. The man who had shuffled his papers comfortably in the booth against the Tennessee Titans watched as his team gave everything for him, and fell just short. The obstacles were near-insurmountable for the Buffalo Bills, and the fact they battled through so much to get within a single second of a game-winning field goal attempt stings.

Dorsey is right to be upset, and his fire is something that we can all relate to. We are all Ken Dorsey, after all. The struggle for greatness, and the hurt that comes with failure, is part of the human experience. That feeling is one we’ve all come to be familiar with now, but it’s the disappointment that twists the knife. As he sat in the press conference, he knew he was going to be asked about it.

“We’re all human. I’m human, as we saw.”

– Ken Dorsey on his reaction to the loss in miami, per KAtherine Fitzgerald (Buffalo News)
Ken Dorsey Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator Miami Dolphins
Sports Illustrated

His players respect and love him all the more for it and, when it comes down to it, that’s what matters most. He’s widely beloved within this organization and, with four years of this fire on the sidelines, it’s not a new problem, nor an old one. It simply isn’t a problem.

“Yeah, the Holy Spirit comes out of him every once in a while, and it’s kind of fun to see, but it comes from a good place. It’s never malice. It’s just that he wants to succeed so badly.”

Mitch Morse on Ken Dorsey, per John Wawrow (WGRZ), August 12th 2022

No Need For Apologies

Unfortunately, Dorsey had to address the matter.

“It was an intense game. I’m watching my guys give everything they have in them… It was a playoff atmosphere… I reacted that way, and that’s definitely something I’m going to learn from and make sure it’s corrected moving forward.”

– Dorsey, Via Kimberly MArtin (ESPN)

His players appreciate that about him, as do so many others across the NFL. Why then do so many media outlets care about this? Kyle Brandt, who himself runs a segment called “Angry Runs” where he screams until hoarse on morning television, said his outburst was “a tattoo on his career” that will follow him forever. Players, however, disagree.

Perhaps he does need to calm it down, but he took this moment when the game was over and the whistle had blown. When his players needed him he was in his seat, headset on, calling arguably the best offense in the NFL right now. It’s in that booth where he should stay and, if he feels the need to let it all out, go nuts. Perhaps put a case on that poor tablet first though.

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Featured Image: Sports Illustrated

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