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Buffalo Fanatics: Mock Draft 1



Najee Harris and Alex Leatherwood

Don Trautman

30th Pick  (Round 1) Nick Bolton, OLB, Mizzou

The Bills do everything they can, but it’s to the point Milano will get paid huge money, and no way they can fit him in with what they have coming the next two years with Allen and Edmunds.

I can see the Bills going in a few directions here: RB Harris/ Ettienne, maybe a TE like Freiermuth, OT, LB, or CB.

If Harris is there at 30, the Bills might have a tough time passing on an every-down back.

Bolton is the type of guy that the Bills staff will gush about: versatility! He can move all around on the defense.

He was by far the leader of the Tigers defense leading all LBs in tackles in 2020. 

My pick here is Nick Bolton LB.

What a 2020-21 Year for the Buffalo Bills.

Josh Allen turned into a Franchise QB, Stefon Diggs is an ALL-PRO WR and the Bills are a very good football team for years to come.

When you look at the Bills’ year, they really had some great bounces go their way, something we never seen as Bills fans.  The defense took a step back, but the offense took huge steps forward.  Last year, we wondered will Josh ever throw for 300 Yards?  Well, that came with ease this year, and the run game was really nonexistent.  I think we can all agree that we don’t have an RB on the roster that is the Clear #1.  If you look in the draft. I love Najee Harris, but no way is he going to land with the Bills at 30.  He could be that clear #1, and we could look at moving Motor for draft picks.

The Bills have some question marks and not a lot of money to spend.  Matt Milano … will they pay the guy?  Well, if we do, then Edmunds might be the guy we walk from in two years.  To me, Edmunds is younger by a few years and the leader of the defense.  I don’t see the Bills signing Milano even know they will try to.  Having Star come back for the 21-22 season will be huge. I think we all saw what happened in the middle of that defense this season.  Ed Oliver will be very happy to see Star come back, so he doesn’t have to be that #1 guy.

What do the Bills do at RT? I think Daryl Williams did a great job, and I can see the Bills bringing him back.  Still 28 years old, he’s in his prime years and already familiar with the offense.  I can see them signing him to a three-year deal. 

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