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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills: Ultimate game of “Would You Rather” AJ Green or Dez Bryant.

Bills Mafia is going crazy over rumors about AJ Green with most fans begging Brandon Beane to ​make a trade for the talent receiver. But is AJ Green still a valuable asset?



AJ Green coming out of the tunnel at a home game.

How much is Brandon Beane willing to go to trade for him? How much would that ultimately cost the Bills? I don’t think Beane sees Green as a game-changing wide receiver that he was two years ago, but maybe that’s okay.

In this short, tiny, and super down to earth article, I want to dive deep and help Bills Mafia open their minds and really get to understand not just AJ Green but a cheaper and maybe a better option that I seem to be the only one talking about (@CaseyReed03 on the twitter humble plug). That’s Mr. X himself. No, not DMX, but Mr. Dez Bryant. First, though, let’s break down AJ Green. 

AJ Green

AJ Green, everyone knows him. He’s that tremendous wide receiver that’s been handcuffed to Andy “The Red Rocket” Dalton for the better part of a decade. He’s been linked to the Buffalo Bills by everyone from ESPN, to my four-year-old nephew whom I caught eating dog food just the other day.

The question remains, “What will the Buffalo Bills give for him?” The draft capital is there for Beane to pull the trigger and add the star. Lord knows, the Bills could use one of those dominant true number one receivers, but is Green that? I mean is he a true number one still? Let’s be real, he didn’t play at all in the 2019 season and was hurt in 2018, so maybe he’s not the same player he was a couple of years ago, and that’s certainly okay with the 2020 draft being as deep as it is at wide receiver. 

Green’s last full season was in 2017, and he posted 143 targets, 75 receptions, 1,078 yards at an average of 14.3 yards per catch, and added eight total receiving touchdowns. Let’s digest that: realistically, “Good Teams” don’t target a receiver 143 times in a 16 game span. Granted, Drew Brees did that this year with Michael Thomas, but when you’re open you’re open. Am I right? Also, name another receiver the Saints have that they can spread the ball around to.

In Green’s last season of play, 2018, he played in only nine games but was targeted 77 times with 46 receptions and 694 yards with six touchdowns. That’s more of the range I see Green playing at but over a span of 16 games next year. Green would ultimately give way to whichever rookie wide receiver the Bills draft this year. Green would be a mentor. That’s what the Bills need out of him. Of course, 700 yards and a couple tudders don’t hurt at all. 

The cost of Green is where I see the Bills having the most hesitation. Brandon Beane has the draft stock, but is he willing to part with a 3rd rounder and one of his many 5ths? For this ballad that I’m writing, let’s say he does. Is he now willing to pay Green 15-18 million range? has his market value at two years 18 million, which is nine million a year.

That’s a doable contract that no one in the Mafia would have an issue with, but would Green sign that?  At the end of the day, if the Bills manage to rescue Green from that jail cell he’s in now, it would help the team and bolster their roster. 

Dez Bryant

Now let’s take a trip down memory lane. When I was a single man, and it was just me and my dog Gabriel (at the time he went by Gabe cause we were bachelors and kids), we’d watch football together, and it was glorious.

I remember watching a grown man wearing an 88 on his jersey absolutely dominate other players. He would score a touchdown, and even if you weren’t a fan of his team, you knew what was coming after Romo threw a goal-line fade to this man: the X flew up.

Bills Mafia isn’t talking about adding Dez Bryant, probably because shortly after signing a one year deal with the Saints, Bryant got hurt. Bryant has been a shell of himself since around 2017, but just like in Green’s case, he doesn’t have to be that guy. 

Taking a look at his stats from 2017. He had 132 targets, 69 receptions with a total of 838 yards. That’s an average of 12.1 yards per catch with six touchdowns. Bryant wouldn’t be asked to shoulder the load in Buffalo. His 2017 season would be the outline of what would be asked of him.

The difference being, Bryant is a free agent running routes and catching passes from the Super Bowl MVP Pat “Kermit the Frog” Mahomes and AJ Green is locked away in a tower not all that different from the one in the motion picture movie Shrek. 

Dez has way more injury questions at this point than Green, but the Bills wouldn’t have to give anything up in return for his services. Beane should definitely kick the tires and see what tread is left in the All-Pro.

His last contract with the Saints was for around 1.5 million. I wouldn’t mind the same contract thrown his way in Buffalo. Let him teach Duke Williams and Tee Higgins. I mean, the receiver the Bills draft, into becoming better and more serviceable receivers. 

My question to Bills Mafia is, who would you rather have? Would you rather part with a couple of draft picks and have AJ Green, or would you rather throw 1.5 million at Dez Bryant and watch the X be thrown up at New Era field?