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Why the Diggs Restructure Could (& Should) Improve the Defense



Recently, the Buffalo Bills restructured Stefon Diggs’s contract, saving around $8 million dollars in cap space. Everyone has been speculating as to what the Bills are going to do with this extra money. Some say the money will be spent to acquire Zach Ertz. Some people don’t believe that there was a good reason as to why this was done. In my opinion, the money the Bills saved should be spent on defense. More specifically a Defensive Tackle that can stop the run or a Cornerback.

Elite Bills Offense

The Bills had a great offense last year, ranking top three in the NFL. They had an amazing passing game, also ranking in the top three in the league. A lot of people believed that the Bills need a better tight end than Knox. Personally, I disagree. Knox is still a young player and has time to develop with another rising star in Josh Allen. These two spent part of summer together training, and Knox also worked on his hand-eye coordination among other things. Knox has put the work in this offseason to be our tight end one and he will have a better season than last year.

Why Ertz isn’t the Answer

While Ertz may be a better tight end right now, he is on the older side at the age of 30. His injury history would be a significant concern. While adding Ertz to this offense would be fun to watch and would probably make our offense a little bit better, Tight End is not the biggest problem on our team right now.

Making Defense a Priority

The Bills defense last year was not as good as the year prior. They ranked right around the middle of the pack when it came to team defense last year. The defense regressed a bit and the main position they still need after the draft is a corner that can match up with bigger Wide Receivers or a run-stopping Defensive Tackle (preferably a 1-Tech). The players that should be on the radar are Richard Sherman and Sheldon Richardson.

The Need for Sherman

Richard Sherman wouldn’t be CB2. He would be more of a mentor to younger Cornerbacks like Dane Jackson or Tre White. He was the best Corner on a Super Bowl winner (Seahawks) and has a great understanding of the game. Sherman is on the older side at 33 so he doesn’t have the skills he once had. He is still a big-bodied corner (six feet, three inches) and could help us with matching up against big wide receivers like Julio Jones. Sherman would be a great addition not only for some on-field help but also as a locker room leadership presence.

Richardson is a Good Run Stuffer

Sheldon Richardson isn’t a 1T but has the ability to stuff the run. He is a quality player when it comes to stopping the run, last year he had 64 total tackles and 5 tackles for loss (TFLs). He would also have the ability to help us in the pass rush game, in his most recent season he posted 4.5 sacks. With his ability to help in the run and the passing game, I believe that Richardson would also be a great addition to the Bills defense.

What do you think, should the Bills spend this money on offense or defense? Do you have a specific player in mind? Leave your thoughts in the comments.