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Why Quinton Spain is the most important Buffalo Bills Signing this Offseason

It might sound silly to say, but I believe this. Are there more glaring holes on the roster for the Buffalo Bills like at Wide Receiver and Cornerback? Yep. But Spain gives us something that every great team has had: continuity.



Now, I’m not going to get into the numbers of the contract. So many other great outlets like Buffalo Rumblings and Cover 1 have covered that ad nauseam. And frankly, for this discussion, the contract is not that consequential, though it does feel good to have Brandon Beane on our side. Big Baller Beane strikes again!


Look. Tom Brady gets blown by the media because he historically has usually had underwhelming receiving talent on his team, and yet, he was able to succeed. What people don’t talk about is that it’s much more important for a QB to have a great offensive line than it is to have great receivers.

If you have 37 seconds in the pocket without being touched, most any NFL Quarterback can make bad receivers look good. And Brady had great offensive lines in New England his entire career, and it’s the one position group on the team that had continuity besides quarterback. Why? Because continuity is important.

Offensive Line History

Think about it. Think about the great teams in NFL history. What do they have in common? Amazing offensive lines. The Cowboys from the early 90s? The Packers under Vince Lombardi? The Steelers of the 70s? The Patriots with the brilliant coaching of Dante Scarnecchia? You see my point.

You may get one or two Cinderella teams that made it all the way on the backs of mediocre offensive lines, but they are the exception that proves the rule.

Why is Quinton Spain so important?

So, why is Quinton Spain so important, you ask? He’s just a guard, right? How could resigning a guard be the most important signing of the offseason? Well, let’s look at it. There’s one position group on the team that ALWAYS plays together. There is no rotation, and it’s the offensive line.

That means cohesion and understanding the guy next to you matters more on the offensive line than it does anywhere else, so when you’ve played a couple of years next to a guy, you’re going to know what to expect.

Dion Dawkins had a great year last year, maybe his best as a pro. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the year before when he had lower-level talent (turnstiles) next to him, he had his worst year. And I think there’s a chain-reaction on the offensive line.

Mitch Morse’s contribution from a play-calling and athleticism standpoint puts the guards in the best position to play well, and in turn, the guards, if they are solid in their assignment, alleviate inside pressure and help with stunts for the tackles.

Josh Allen & Cody Ford

We are going into a year now where we will have the same five guys in front of Josh Allen, and to me, that’s invaluable. They know his cadence. They know how to block for his erratic running and juking style.

And this does help clarify an important decision this offseason: Cody Ford is the starting right tackle for the Buffalo Bills in 2020. Many of you don’t like that. Many of you think he’s a guard, and maybe he’d be better there, but I think Ford played better at tackle last season than many give him credit for.


So, we’ve clarified three for-sure positions so far this offseason. Cody Ford is the right tackle. Quinton Spain is the left guard, and Spencer Long is the swing guard.

I love this signing. I love the contract. Spain played very well at his position last season, and this man is appropriately named because he is the size of the Iberian Peninsula. He made his teammates and those that play next to him better, and with another year in the same system, the same starting guys, the same position coach, this line is sure to just get better. Continuity, my friends. I love it.