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Why Is New Era Using A Recycled Design For The 2019 Buffalo Bills Draft Cap?



New Era 2019 Buffalo Bills Draft Cap

We all love, respect and cherish our beloved Buffalo Bills. No debate there. When things happen that a majority of fans don’t agree with, you’re generally going to hear about it. That’s exactly what happened with this years 2019 New Era NFL Bills Draft cap. It also hurts more when it comes from a company you admire.

When the designs were released and fans flocked to the pictures many were less than satisfied, to say the least. Judging by our Instagram poll seen below, Fanatics were not thrilled.

Via @TheBuffaloFanatics (Instagram Story)

To add insult to injury, one fan in the @theBuffaloFanatics direct message pointed out that the design was not very original. In fact, he bought a similar cap more than two years ago.

Cap Photo Via @ReekMill50 (Instagram)

What the heck is going on? What happened to the age of creativity? The cherry on top, New Era Cap Company is a Buffalo headquartered company. Why did you do Bills fans so dirty New Era? Willing to bet that 90 plus percent of Buffalonians have zero idea what the lightning bolts and stars are suppose to represent. Aside from knowing them being on the city flag, raised in Buffalo, I had zero clue either. Again, went to the Instagram inter webs where some presumably googled and educated the masses.

Message Via @chr1seng11sh (Instagram)

I personally don’t hate the Bills draft cap. It’s just interesting how New Era tried to pull the wool over some eyes. They spent zero time designing the cap. They literally had the design file saved from two years ago. Why not incorporate some new aspects of what makes Buffalo an All-American city, today. We want to know how you feel about these caps.

Please leave a comment below or on either the Buffalo Fanatics Twitter or Instagram. It may even be possible you already own a similar version of the 2019 New Era Bills Draft cap.