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Why Drafting DK Metcalf in the First Round is so Polarizing



The Buffalo Bills are in desperate need of weapons around Josh Allen, that much we all know. It was great to see Zay Jones take a big step forward in his sophomore season, and the emergence of Robert Foster as a deep threat gives Bill’s fans room for optimism heading into the 2019 season. But wide receiver is definitely a position the Bills should address in free-agency and in the 2019 NFL Draft.

A name that has been attached to the Bills when it comes to the 9th overall pick in this year’s draft is DK Metcalf, at 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds, it is hard not to imagine Josh Allen tossing up jump balls and Metcalf winning almost every one. I can already see him catching game-winning touchdowns in the back corner of the end zone over some poor 5-foot-10 defensive back. Before doing my research, every fiber of my brain loved the idea of watching Metcalf walk across the stage and holding up a Bills #1 jersey next to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Then came the research, and it wasn’t all promising. After redshirting his true-freshman season, Metcalf returned with high expectations in 2017. He had a solid season, playing in all 12 of the Ole Miss Rebels games. DK finished with 39 receptions for 646 yards and 7 touchdowns.

Many had high expectations for Metcalf to build on a solid season heading into his sophomore season, unfortunately injuries derailed his season, playing in only 7 games before suffering a season-ending neck injury. He had compiled 26 receptions for 569 yards and 5 touchdowns, well on his way to surpassing his 2017 season stats in less games.

Metcalf has shown that he can be a number one receiver and a legitimate red-zone threat, but the injury bug is something that should be absolutely terrifying to Bills fans when it comes to drafting Metcalf in the first-round. Looking back at why his missed his freshman season was something that scares me even more, a foot injury. When I hear foot injury and 1st-round wide receiver mentioned in the same breath, I go into a panic.

If he pans out, he will be a huge boost for Josh Allen in the passing game, or he becomes the next Sammy Watkins. So much talent, but unable to get on the field. The combine will be exponentially important for Metcalf to not only showcase his skills and on-field presence, but his health as well.