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What’s with Cole Beasley’s mouth? (Buffalo Bills Post-OTA Injury Roundup)



As the summer of 2021 begins, the Buffalo Bills just wrapped up their mandatory OTA mini-camp. The team will not be back until preseason camp starts. Shockingly, mini-camp concluded with a blender of drama. Cole Beasley created some controversy with his anti-vax dogma. Meanwhile, the reports of a new stadium stirred up the locals. And there were some injury tidbits too.

Bryan Cox Jr.

When I think of Bryan Cox Jr., I think of his dad getting ejected and spitting at fans in Buffalo. Fortunately, we have gotten to know Junior, and he had become an intriguing edge prospect. Unfortunately, he went down during camp with a significant leg injury. Bryan recently posted that he had surgery, and the team soon after reported it as an “Achilles” injury, landing him on the IR for the season. 

Although it won’t significantly impact the Buffalo Bills, this is a big blow to Bryan’s career. The Achilles tendon is very important for quickness and power produced through the legs. Since Bryan had surgery, this will be called a rupture (AKA a grade 3 strain). Routinely, professional athletes have a hard time returning to their previous level of function or return to play at all for that matter (1).

As a fringe camp body, Bryan is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent next offseason. Coupling this with a significant injury, he may struggle to see his career continue. This surgery will take about a full year to recover from, with commonly expected deficits.

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Cole Beasley

Showing up to camp with a missing front tooth, Cole Beasley clearly had a little extra room for his big mouth. I thought it was strange that Beasley wasn’t wearing a helmet in OTAs. His long, luscious locks floated in the air as he caught passes from the dreamboat, Josh Allen. However, when he showed up for the last mandatory mini-camp, Cole was donning a modified helmet to protect his oral cavity.

Image courtesy of @ThighDoctor

It’s possible that Cole Beasley suffered a recent trauma to the tooth. Possibly a fistfight after his new single dropped in April? He’s also a father of young children, which can always be a hazard. Or… maybe an injury while training.

Another possible scenario could be that Cole suffered from a new medical condition called ‘mask mouth’. Although not scientifically proven, there is anecdotal evidence that prolonged mask use is causing dental hygiene issues, including infections. Could this have led to Cole having to call the tooth fairy?

After extensive research on Cole’s oral history, BF’s own Iestyn Harris uncovered a report of Cole’s tooth exiting his mouth back in 2013. Also uncovered, was a close-up of Cole’s choppers back when he initially joined the Buffalo Bills. Iestyn pointed out that the same missing tooth was also displaying discoloration and an irregular shape back in 2019.

Image courtesy of The Buffalo News

In my opinion, Cole had to have his tooth removed because of this past event. The tooth may have already been treated in the past, thus needing a tune-up. Or it decayed enough recently to the point of needing it fixed urgently. To expand on my opinion, I think he had the tooth pulled and will get a new one put on between now and preseason. Thus maximizing his window of opportunity for an oral resurgence.


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