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What Would You Do: Bills Draft Night Scenario

What would you do if you were Brandon Beane and this happened?



Draft Room

Picture this: You are Brandon Beane. It’s April 25th, draft night, and you are in the Buffalo Bills draft war room. You are alongside owners Kim and Terry Pegula and head coach Sean McDermott. You are currently on the clock with the ninth overall pick. The board has fallen pretty nicely for the Bills. The three main prospects that are still on the board are DK Metcalf, Jonah Williams, and Ed Oliver. All prospects that you are pretty high on and would love to add to the roster.

However, as you and your team discuss whom you might use the ninth pick on, you get a call from the Washington Redskins. They are looking for a partner to trade up with, in order to draft their quarterback of the future. Their offer is for your ninth overall pick. They offer their current first round pick (15th overall) and their second-round pick (46th overall). This would be a bit over the value of the ninth overall pick according to the NFL Draft Point System (ninth overall pick is 1,350 points and the Redskins offer is 1,490 points). So, what do you do? Do you take the Redskin’s offer? Or do you draft the player you want, and if that, which player are you taking?

This scenario could very well be what Brandon Beane and the Bills will face on draft night. There is no question that this is a difficult decision. So, with that being said, here is what I would do if I were Brandon Beane.

For me, the draft is all about ultimately getting the guy that you believe you will make the biggest impact. In my opinion, DK Metcalf, although a very intriguing prospect, is one that I don’t believe this team needs. With the signings of Cole Beasley and John Brown and the development of Zay Jones and Robert Foster, wide receiver is not a dire need for this football team.

So, that leaves you with Jonah Williams and Ed Oliver, or Washington’s offer. Before the Quinton Spain signing, I would have believed that the Bills should take an offensive lineman in the first round, which they still could do here. However, the big fish of the offensive linemen in this draft is Jawaan Taylor, who was already selected. I believe that a guy like Jonah Williams could very well be available at 15. This makes moving back a few spots to gain an extra second round pick, and still getting Williams, very tempting.

However, Kyle Williams retiring has made addressing the three-technique defensive tackle incredibly attractive. This is where Ed Oliver comes into play. He fits our scheme very well and could be a force in our defense. Not to mention, McDermott has said that a pass rush up the middle is harder to stop than a pass rush from the edge. Also, it’s very unlikely that Oliver is still on the board at 15.

After going through the options, if I were Brandon Beane, my final decision would be this: turn down the Redskins offer and take Ed Oliver. Here is my reasoning. Although gaining an extra second round pick would be a really nice asset to get, Oliver is not only a huge need but a really good value at this spot. He fills a hole and gives this team something it hasn’t had since the days of the “Cold Front” back in 2014, a defensive lineman that is a straight up problem for opposing offensive coordinators.

The Bills have lacked a guy that can take over a football game on their defensive line over the years. This is why I believe the sack numbers have significantly decreased since the 2014 season. The Bills have only had one real threat on their defensive line which has been Jerry Hughes. Although Hughes is a guy that caused lots of pressure, he hasn’t had a double-digit sack season since 2014. His play is very much like Brandon Graham, who has consistently gotten pressure on the quarterback but has never had more than 9.5 sacks in a season.

So why not add a guy that can take some of the attention away from Hughes? This could allow Hughes to finish more plays with sacks, or Oliver could take advantage of the amount of attention offenses give Hughes. Also, Oliver can even help sure up the run defense which has been a huge problem for Bills the past two seasons.

To me, the help that Oliver can give to the defense and the good value of drafting him at nine makes this option the one I’d choose over trading back and acquiring an extra second round pick. Now, this is just what I would do if I were Brandon Beane, but I’d love to hear what you would do in this scenario. So please comment down below or reply on twitter what you would do and why.

Mitch Broder is a contributor for The Buffalo Fanatics. To contact him, email him: or tweet him @mitchell_broder