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NFL Week 14 Bets



Week 14 of the NFL season is here and there are more bets to be made. This week, I don’t like the spreads for most of the games. So I will be making a lot of teasers and prop bets.

Teaser Bets

1.) Vikings +3 vs. Steelers + Packers -6.5 vs. Bears

The Vikings are coming off a tough loss to the Lions last week and they can’t feel good about it. They are going to have a great week of practice and will play tomorrow. The Steelers won a tight one last week vs. the Ravens. It’s going to be tough to come back out and have another game like that after a short week.

As stated by Aaron Rodgers the last time they played, the Packers own the Bears. This is going to continue, and Rodgers is going to have a great week. Along with Rodgers, their defense has played well the last few weeks. They’ve gotten a good pass rush, and played good coverage behind it. The Packers should beat the Bears by at least a touchdown.

2.) Ravens +8.5 vs. Browns + Titans -3 vs. Jaguars

The Ravens play the Browns in Cleveland after a tough loss to the Steelers last week. Last time these two teams played (two weeks ago), Lamar Jackson threw four interceptions and they still won. There is no way he does this again. If they can win with him doing that (again), then giving them 8.5 points is too much. The Titans are coming off their bye and have a chance to get Julio Jones back this week. If that’s the case, this should help their offense a lot. They haven’t had problems without Derrick Henry and have won almost all their games since he got hurt. This is going to roll into this week where they should beat the Jags no problem.

 3.) Saints +1 vs. Jets + Cowboys +2 vs. Football Team

I have a little emotional attachment to the Saints. I love Jameis Winston and Alvin Kamara, but this week they are going to beat the Jets. Last week, I said Kamara would be back and he wasn’t. This week, he must come back. There were reports he was playing last week so he had to be close to return. If he plays, the Saints have no problem beating the Jets and, of course, covering the spread. The Cowboys are getting healthy on offense and Tony Pollard has been playing great. They have a good run game balance with Pollard and Elliott, probably the best wide receiving core in the NFL, and a good QB to throw them the ball. This likely proves to be too much for the Football Team this week.

Prop Bets

Jets-Saints over 3.5 Field Goals

Both offenses can move the ball and struggle to finish drives. There should be at least four field goals in this game.

Austin Ekeler TD

The Chargers play the Giants, who don’t have the best defense. There is also a chance that Keenan Allen doesn’t play. If he doesn’t, that means Ekeler will be a larger part of the game plan and will score at least once.

D.K. Metcalf TD

D.K. hasn’t scored in a couple weeks and will probably end up being a larger part of the gameplan as a result. Playing against the Texans, who have a bad defense, Metcalf should be able to get open and find the endzone this week.

Travis Kelce TD

The Chiefs have been playing better as of late and have a divisional game vs. the Raiders this week. Kelce has been good for a touchdown almost every week. This week should be no different.