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Week 17: Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins injury report and game day predictions



Buffalo comes into their week 17 showdown mostly healthy. However, a few predicaments remain. Beasley’s injury is the headliner.  However, the decision to rest or play the starters is not far behind. Do they risk the injuries? Does Smoke play? Josh Allen is on an MVP campaign, and the #2 seed is dangling in his hands. My guess is we see 1-2 series with conservative playcalling.




WR Cole Beasley: Well, hasn’t Cole’s injury been a little mysterious and alarming? Beasley went down with a left leg injury in the 4th quarter last week. Since then, there has been a lot of discussion about what might have happened and how long until he returns. All I know is I’m the thigh doctor, and I’m all about explaining this knee injury for you.

First off this was a clear non-contact injury, so let’s rule out the contusion theory.

Secondly, this is not an ankle injury.  They are looking at the knee, literally.

So when I see a guy to do this, after her plants his foot in the ground:

I come to the conclusion of 3 possibilities:

Forgive me for calling it a quad strain. Upon review of the game, nobody is rubbing Cole’s thigh. Thigh rubs on the sideline are highly indicative of a quadriceps strain. I know this as a fact. However, that trainer was pinching around his patellar tendon. Could it be, a patellar tendon strain?

Causes & Treatment Of Patellar Tendon Tear In Knee Joint

Or maybe it was his meniscus? That stop on the dime ability does have its drawbacks. The foot was stuck, the force was still going forward, and he had some medial rotation down the limb as he looked back at the QB. Very possible…

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Then there is the possibility of a patellar subluxation. This is when the knee cap rivets out and back in. Similar to what Mahomes had happen to his knee last year, except Beasley’s knee cap would have realigned on its own instantly.

Patella Instability | Brisbane Knee and Shoulder Clinic | Dr  MacgroartyBrisbane Knee and Shoulder Clinic

Whatever it is, we can hang our hats on one thing. McDermott called it week to week, and he was not put on the IR. Therefore, although it could be any of these possibilities, it is minor. An NFL football player can and will get back in two weeks from these injuries. If they had been a more severe case, he would have had surgery immediately. Unfortunately, Beasley could ramp up for next week’s game and suffer a set-back. However, until we hear of that happening, expect him back for the playoffs.

TE Reggie Gilliam: Reggie played 14% of the snaps in the Week 15 win over the Broncos. This was his par for course recently. He never left the game in pain but was last seen on a run block in the 4th quarter. He either had a minor sprain/strain that flared up postgame or a re-aggravation of a previous injury. He has been shut down with DNPs for two straight weeks. However, he was not sent to the IR so most likely retuning to practice next week.

Also Listed

WR John Brown: Coming off a six week hiatus from a high ankle sprain, Brown looked to return to action last week. However, he landed on the ‘close contacts’ for a + COVID case from RB TJ Yeldon. Brown sat out his five days and must not have contracted the disease, as he was full participant at Friday’s practice. At this point, Brown has had seven weeks off, which is more than enough time to return to near close full recovery. He’ll suit up Sunday, but most likely for 1-2 series max.

G Jon Feliciano: Jon was out of practice for two days this week for an ‘illness’ but returned to full participation on Friday. He also will suit up but expect a short leash as well

COVID Listed

TE Tyler Kroft: He was a ‘close contact’ a month ago, and now he has caught the virus. He is out a minimum 10 days, and this would rule him out next week as well due to the timing of his positive test result. It will be interesting to see if news of any other ‘close contacts’ surfaces on Sunday morning

RB: TJ Yeldon: Yeldon remains on the list as he is still in his 10 days minimal requirement window.

Milano Update:

Entering his 4th game off the IR, Milano played 100% of starter’s snaps last week.  He was hovering around 45% for the past three games, and I feel like this was a ‘prove it game’ that his body is ready for the postseason. I’ve been wary about how much production was available out of him, but this was a beautiful sight to see.  Peep this arm tackle with his left arm early in the first quarter.