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Buffalo Bills Week 14 Predictions

The Buffalo Bills are set to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 14. Here are my predictions for what will happen this Sunday in Tampa.




Let’s all collectively agree to put Monday night’s game out of mind. We don’t need that reminder. Instead, look to the next. Crappy weather in Buffalo is substituted for the sunny and warm Tampa. Weather is most definitely not a factor in this game for this game with the Bills facing the Bucs.

Previously on Bills vs. Buccaneers (Week 7, 2017 Season)

The last of this series was played in Buffalo in 2017. Jameis Winston and his Bucs rolled into Orchard Park looking for a win after the blowout the week before against the Cardinals. Under rookie HC McDermott, the Bills were winning 10-6 at the half, only to trail 20-27 late in the fourth quarter. When then rookie sensation Tre White forced and recovered a fumble leading to a game-winning field goal. What a dramatic finish.

I hope this game in Week 14 is full of a little less drama. I don’t think my heart could take any more of this. Bills need this win to put them firmly back in the contender conversation, facing the reigning Super Bowl champions.

Prediction #1: Dane Jackson has a game

With White being injured, Dane Jackson is the next man up. Whilst the game didn’t end the way anyone wanted, Jackson stepped up and earned his place on the roster.

The lack of pass-game didn’t exactly give Jackson a chance to show his strengths. So, this week he’ll make full use of his time and show that the CB depth isn’t as big of a worry as it was heading into the season. Maybe he’ll even get a big-time tackle or INT to seal the deal.

Prediction #2: Breida goes off

Breida has been a weapon on this Bills O and given them exactly the boost they needed. Monday night was not that time. And I guess he’s unhappy with himself for his mistakes, especially in those game situations.

This is his revenge game, his chance to prove once again that not only does he belong on this roster, but they need him. One receiving and one rushing TD for this emerging talent. It has to happen.

Prediction #3: Run D proves all the doubters wrong

Buffalo’s run defense has faced a lot of harsh criticism, but not from me. So many people have misjudged these talented men, and yes, they need to get better. But they are not as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

Facing Fournette this Sunday will be their opportunity to showcase their strength. They have a giant chip on their shoulder, and they won’t be made fools of again. Lenny is a force, sure, but I still bet on this D. They won’t allow Fournette to run for more than 70 yards.

Prediction #4: The Rookie vs. The GOAT

I have a love-hate relationship with Tom Brady, in that I love to hate him. It’s just in the blood of every Bills fan from the last two decades. So, it’s no wonder that seeing him get sacked would be phenomenal.

So, Rousseau, this big beefy guy with an arm span that could wrap around Brady twice? It’d be poetic of sorts for him to sack him. Hopefully, Groot’s toe is in commission to do so.


I have a very hard-fought game, with the Bills edging it out on top. It won’t be easy. It will be damn difficult. But I trust in this team, and I trust that Daboll and McDermott have had a long-overdue talk. They have to come out on top. They Will.

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