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Week 14: Buffalo Bills vs Pittsburgh Steelers Pregame Injury Report



Bills have better health
The East is within our grasp-
Let’s go Buffalo
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S Jaquan Johnson:  Left late in the game when he got rolled up on while covering a punt.  Listed with an ‘ankle’ and based on the limited camera angle to show exact mechanism, I’d assume he is dealing with a medial ankle sprain or high ankle.  More likely the former, as he was not put on the IR.  DNP all week in practice, he’s probably looking at least missing another week.


QB Josh Allen: The best thing to happen in 2020 was when Josh Allen didn’t tear up his knee two weeks ago vs the Chargers.  He was full-go at practice this week and did not look limited in the 49ers game, albeit he did not have any designed runs.  He is also listed with an ankle, which also miraculously was not a high ankle sprain.  He is most likely dealing with a mild grade 1 MCL (knee) and medial ankle sprains.

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The MCL sprain is in the knee. If grade 1, it will generally take 2-4 weeks to fully recover.  In the interim, the player can brace and play through it, generally only missing 1-2 weeks for these types of sprains.  There should be some pause that the knee will lack a little stability, thus giving is a propensity to ‘wiggle’ more easily.  Under certain forces, this can make the knee susceptible to further injury, or more consequential injuries, such as the dreaded ACL tear.  Cross those fingers and brace and tape baby!

OL John Feliciano: John is playing surprisingly well only being about 14 weeks post pectoral repair.  Usually it will take a full 20-24 weeks to fully return to previous form.  Regardless, Feliciano was listed with a foot last week and then left during the 49ers game for a brief time.  Based on film, there is not too much to ascertain.  John reached for his left knee brace after a benign chop block, stayed in for a play, and then exited after.  Reports surfaced he was just having his brace worked on, but then he was listed on the injury report for a knee as well this week.  Also, he actually didn’t finish the game, but that could have been due to the score as well.  In my opinion, he’s probably just dinged up all over the place but all minor ailments.  Don’t forget he also was listed with a ‘back’ injury a few weeks prior, too.  He was limited for one practice this week but full-go the rest of week.     

WR Andre Roberts: Andre popped up with an Achilles’ injury this week.  He is most likely dealing with a tendonitis.  If it progresses, this could slow him down, limit some explosiveness, and could be a predictor of a future tear.  It may be something new for him or an acute episode of a chronic issue.  It’s worth some concern but not until you see him pulling up lame in a game.  He was limited for two practices but full-go on Friday.

DT Quinton Jefferson: Listed with a ‘hip’, Q DNP on Wednesday, was limited on Thursday, and full on Friday.  He has been dealing with a myriad of ailments all year: hip, knee, foot.  He didn’t appear to leave last week’s game, but he did only play 44% of the snaps, which was his second lowest participation all year.  I think he is hurting but not injured, per say.  He is most likely dealing with a mild hip flexor strain, a contusion/bursitis, or a chronic issue like a labral flare up.

Activated from IR:

LB Matt Milano: Milano came back last week and played on 31% of snaps.  This is similar to the snap counts for the two weeks he came back initially from his pectoral tear in Week 4.  When Milano came back initially, he was favoring his arm, pulling it back reluctantly during a few attempted tackles.  After the Patriots’ game, the Bills placed him on the IR and allowed him five more full weeks to recover (three games and a bye week).  At this point, he is 10 weeks post initial injury and six weeks since he may have potentially reinjured it in Week 8.  At this point, his pec tear is scarred down as much as it can.  The fact he is not playing full-time, I think he had a grade two tear, and the healthy part of his pec is detached.  He might end up having a surgical operation in the offseason, but he is good enough to play sparingly at this time.  His value will be on passing downs.  I’m happy to be surprised and see his snap count increase in the next few weeks, but I don’t see it happening.

LB Tyrel Dodson: Tyrel was surprisingly not activated last week, but he did return to practice.  At this point, Dodson is eight weeks post-injury from a hamstring strain, and he was officially activated.  This is more than enough time to return in near-optimal shape, but the risk of re-injury always remains.  

Don’t forget about Brown:

WR John Brown:  Smoke is on his last week on the minimal requirement on IR.  He was seen running routes in practice this week and pretty sharply.  I think he still has a little limp in his jog back to the line of scrimmage, but it still means he is getting close.  He had a high ankle sprain in the Cardinals’ game, so by end of next week, he will be five weeks post-injury.  High ankle sprains generally take 4-6 weeks, so he might stay out an extra week.