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Week 13: Buffalo Bills vs San Francisco 49ers injury report and game day predictions



The Buffalo Bills have really trimmed the fat on the injury list, but there are some issues at the top of the pecking order.  Josh Allen is the headliner, and Milano’s potential return is runner-up.  It’s December, and we’re DTF the AFC East up.  And, oh baby, it’s cold outside. I need some thermos to cover my big ass thighs.






QB Josh Allen: The archangels came out to save Josh Allen last week when he was tackled awkwardly by Joey Bosa in the 2nd Quarter.  Similar to vintage Taylor Swift, Josh shook it off and finished the game strong with his arm and legs.  Based on the mechanism of injury and his ability to return to play that quickly, Josh is operating with a mild, grade 1 MCL sprain. Josh is also listed for his ankle as well.  When he was tackled, he miraculously avoided a high ankle sprain.  He is most likely dealing with a mild medial ankle sprain in conjunction with the knee injury.  

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The MCL sprains in the knee, if grade 1, will generally take 2-4 weeks to fully recover.  In the interim, the player can brace and play through it, generally only missing 1-2 weeks for these types of sprains.  Josh came back, same game, which is pretty wild.  The fear here is that the knee will lack a little stability, thus giving it a propensity to ‘wiggle’ more easily.  Under certain forces, this can make the knee susceptible to further injury, or more consequential injuries, such as the dreaded ACL tear.  Fingers crossed boys and girls.  Either way, Josh is going to brace it and tape it under the lights!

DE Mario Addison: Listed with ‘Knee/Vet Rest’. Mario had a day off earlier in the week.  However, he was not listed thereafter.  Most likely a mild, but chronic, issue in his knee as he has popped up on the report periodically throughout the season for it.

OL Jon Feliciano: It’s crazy Feliciano has been thrust into the lineup at 100% snap count since Week 8, which was only a little over three months after a pectoral repair.  I don’t think that was the gameplan, but it is actually working well for the running game at least.  Jon was listed with a ‘foot’ injury’ but was a full participant in practice all week.  He is a beast!

TE Reggie Gilliam: Reggie with a listed ‘hamstring’.  Not sure when or if it occurred during last week’s game, as he had his 4th highest snap count percentage of the season (10%), but he was only limited early in the week and full participant for the rest of the practice week.

RB Taiwan Jones: Taiwan missed two weeks with a ‘hamstring’, but returned last week.  Playing solely special teams, he was also limited for one day of practice but returned to full the rest of the week.

Activated from IR:

LB Matt Milano: Milano is eligible to return to the active roster at any point over the next three weeks.  I don’t see how they would have him practice if they didn’t think he was ready to play, which I assume he will be this week.  Matt suffered a pectoral strain in Week 4.  Pec strains are a big deal; they are tough to hide when playing football and usually need a longer recovery time, 4-6 weeks, barring they don’t need surgery outright.  He had come back initially came back in Week 7, after missing Weeks 5 and 6.  Milano played sparingly in Weeks 7 and 8 and then hit the IR for the past three weeks.  Throw a bye week in there, and Milano is now nine weeks post initial injury.  He may have potentially re-strained it Week 8, unconfirmed, which would put him at five weeks post re-injury.  Regardless, he is as good as he is going to get without surgery at this point.

LB Tyrel Dodson: Tyrel showed some flashes when Milano was out but strained his hamstring in Week 6.  He is also set to come off the IR.  Hamstring strains general take 2-6 weeks to recover, and he is at seven weeks post injury come MNF.  With the resurgence of AJ Klein, Tyrel can stick with special teams and spot duty for positional play.