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Trish’s Pants-Shittingly Rad Game Recap: Bills-Titans



Holy cow, that was fun huh? The Buffalo Bills absolutely demolished the Tennessee Titans in a 41-7 blowout. Incredible scenes made even more amazing given that I, Chaotic Trish, was there. I think the Bills need to figure out a way to get me to every game, I’m obviously some sort of good luck charm.

So, with everyone still feeling the high, let’s go through the good — and not so good — points of the game:

1.) I was told this would be a trap game…

Lol. Remember that? And remember how I said you were all wrong and that the Buffalo Bills would win? Fun times.

If this was last season, I would be inclined to agree that it had a “trap feel” to it. But this isn’t the same Bills team. I said it last week too, Allen is a much more mature player. Every snap he takes, he looks more like a seasoned vet. He’s. Just. Better. Incredible, given how he’s played the last couple of years. 

Credit has to be given to Ken Dorsey, IMO. Yes, the additions of Miller and Saffold (etc) are instrumental to this Bills team’s improvement. But Dorsey has worked more closely with Allen than any other coach for years. He trusts Allen completely and it shows in the gameplan. This duo is more fun than Diggs and Allen, or even Poyer and Hyde. I can’t wait to see what else they do.

2.) BBB has to get Tremaine Edmunds to stay

Despite that unfortunate incident, which we will no longer talk about, Edmunds played amazing. It took him a second to get into that rhythm, but then, he was everywhere. Finishing with a sack(!?), 2 TFLs, and those holes he filled. Edmunds was on a mission to prove those naysayers wrong. Peasant Henry was going nowhere, they learned from their mistakes last year and, with an improved DL, Edmunds got the help he needed and was able to play his best ball.

God, I love him.

3.) Tyler Bass and Reggie Gilliam knew I was in the house

I think they may have known, on a spiritual level, that I was there. So they both played their best. Bass, to show me a good time at my first game. (Which I did.) And Gilliam, to spite me for all my fullback discourse.

I’m happy that the Bills used Gilliam in the way FBs are supposed to be used. (Like back when the position meant something.) But Reggie showed me that HE mattered. Jury’s still out on the rest of the FBs in the league.

4.) The Buffalo Bills run game was… not so good

Now, the Buffalo Bills are doing so much better at incorporating the run. Instead of having Allen put his body on the line, like Trey Lance (🙏), they actually used the RBs for their intended purpose. Unfortunately, they cycled through them too much.

Singletary is RB1, and he should be used like it. Instead, they juggled all three of their backs. They both played well in the short yardage, physical aspect. But let Singledaddy do his thing and pick up those big yards. It got a little annoying.

Hopefully, this is just the Bills trying things out and they sort it for Sunday.

5.) Ugh, Punts

I thought the Buffalo Bills were firmly on the #abandonthepunt train. Turns out, they’re dirty liars. I enjoyed watching the punt converted to a turnover, but was it really necessary? Surely Allen could’ve gone for it?

Personally, I think that McDermott just felt bad for the Titans so he wanted to give them some sort of reprieve. It didn’t work obviously, but he was generous. (To all those about to say they punted multiple times, the fourth quarter was garbage time and, therefore, didn’t count.)

6.) #BillsMafia, thank you!

This was my first ever game, and my first time in a US city. Buffalo was a perfect city to experience all these new things. I fell in love with your wide assortment of dips (I literally only count hummus as a dip), the history of the city, the architecture, and the wings!!!

But mostly, Bills Mafia is literally family. Everyone is so friendly, I high fived so many strangers, it made me uncomfortable. If I tried that anywhere in England I would get punched or spat on. I yelled, chanted, and screamed so much my throat is a little sore. I TAILGATED, which is an experience in itself. As a personal experience, this was amazing and I have to figure out a way to come back.

Buffalo Bills Honourable Mentions

  1. Matt Milano is sexy on and off the field.
  2. Greg Rousseau is learning a shit ton off of Von Miller.
  3. The rookie CBs aren’t making me miss White all that much. They’re doing one heck of a job.
  4. That Diggs/Allen connection is strong.
  5. The Bills could’ve won by even more points if Gabe Davis was there, but Jake did an excellent job in his stead.

Featured Image: Trish Patel

Much like Marty McFly, Trish Patel (aka Tyler Bass Enthusiast) is a time traveller who stole a sports almanac so as to fool you mortals into believing that she can predict the stats of a game. If you come at her on social media, there is an excellent chance you'll get burnt. They don't call her @savage_trish for nothing.