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Trevor Lawrence Beware: Buffalo Bills Week 9 Predictions



After a very slow start, the Buffalo Bills came out on top against the Dolphins. It was never really in question, but damn, that first half was so boring.

Unlike most though, it didn’t bother me so much because there’s absolutely no reason for Daboll to be pulling out all the stops, especially facing (thus far) underwhelming teams.

Speaking of…

Previously on Bills vs Jaguars (Wild Card Round, 2017 season):

The last time the Bills played the Jaguars was actually during the 2018 season, where Josh Allen led the Bills to a 24-21 victory. But this isn’t the most significant game

The wild card game marked the first time since 1999 that the Bills had been in the NFL playoffs. Expectations were high and Bills Mafia were rolling. It was not to be, unfortunately, with the Bills losing 10-3. However, there is a stark contrast between these teams this time around.

Prediction #1: Josh Allen solidifies his case for MVP

Despite the way too early predictions, Josh Allen is front-runner for MVP, and each week he proves why by consistently getting better. No one can stop this man, especially not Jacksonville.

Allen will get over 350 total yards including three passing TDs and one rushing TD. Not even Nick Wright can dismiss the brilliance of this QB.

Prediction #2: Ed Oliver records his first sack of the season

Oliver has been a menace on that defensive line and it was more than obvious during that Fins game. He was all over Tua, causing the QB to look worse than he usually does. Oliver gets my vote for defensive player of the week.

The scorecard doesn’t show it, but his ability to pressure the QB is one of the many reasons why the Buffalo Bills have the best defense in the league. Despite all this, Oliver does not yet have a sack on the season. Travelling the Jacksonville seems like the perfect opportunity to get one.

Prediction #3: Poyer and Hyde each with an INT

The Buffalo Bills have arguably the best safety duo in the league. Each of these guys have been playing their hearts out and if they both don’t get a Pro Bowl nod, I’m rioting. It’s hard to choose just who has been outplaying the other. How fun is that?

So, this week, it only seems fair that they share the wealth and each get an INT. Lawrence, despite being a decent QB, has been handing out interceptions like candy. Given that it’s only a week removed from Halloween, surely he’s got some left.

Prediction #4: Trubisky Time

 After an uneventful trade deadline, we as Bills fans find ourselves blessed with the presence of a solid backup QB. Not many teams can be this pleased with their QB depth. So, after a lot of arguing online about his trade value, it’s only right that the Bills show their backup some love.

Trubisky gets some time late in the 4th quarter to show off. Don’t be surprised when he gets a TD either.


The Jaguars defense won’t be able to contain Allen, Sanders, and Diggs. It’s honestly not fair to them. Whilst on the other side of the ball, Trevor Lawrence has yet to face an elite defense. He might be able to get one TD, but I wouldn’t count on it.

The Bills score early and never let Jacksonville catch up. I have a feeling that Buffalo will hand the Jags their seventh loss.

Much like Marty McFly, Trish Patel (aka Tyler Bass Enthusiast) is a time traveller who stole a sports almanac so as to fool you mortals into believing that she can predict the stats of a game. If you come at her on social media, there is an excellent chance you'll get burnt. They don't call her @savage_trish for nothing.

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