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Trent Williams: A Potential Trade Target for the Buffalo Bills

The Bills should consider adding elite left tackle Trent Williams via trade.



The Buffalo Bills should consider making a play for Washington Redskins offensive line holdout Trent Williams. There are few elite left tackles in the NFL. Williams has been highly regarded as one of them over his first nine seasons. The seven-time pro-bowler could elevate the Bills offensive line to new heights.

NFL teams can never have enough offensive line talent. It opens up the running game, creates an effective play-action passing game, gives the quarterback time to throw, and gives receivers time to get open. Having an elite offensive line can only help a team and especially a young quarterback.

Why Trent Williams is a Trade Target

The Redskins are spiraling at 0-5. Head coach Jay Gruden has been fired. While statements have been made by the front office that he is not available for trade, it’s hard to imagine an 0-5 team with an interim head coach not wanting to sell. They are already building their offense towards the future. Dwayne Haskins and Terry Mclaurin were added in the 2019 NFL Draft in addition to the potential star running back Derrius Guice who is waiting to be healthy. It looks like they will keep losing and might want to keep acquiring future assets.

Williams is holding out the 2019 season even though he still has this year and next on his contract. This would be a worthy investment especially while the Bills are on a bye week so he can get acclimated. The offensive tackle is holding out because he is unhappy with the Redskins training staff for mishandling a serious medical issue. Sources have stated he simply does not want to play in Washington anymore, and it would be silly for them not to listen to trade offers for him. If he does not want to play, the team has little leverage on him if any at all.

Why It Makes Sense for the Bills

Williams has an extensive injury history but has now had since last season to rest his body. It would be costly, maybe even a first-round pick, but that price is worth it for an elite left tackle. An established left tackle would be a sure thing as opposed to the volatility of a draft pick. The Bills would have him under contract for this season and next. With a projected $80-90 million cap space going into 2020, the Bills can easily afford his $12.5 million contract.

Trent Williams is one of the league’s best left tackles. At age 31, the Bills can acquire him at an expensive cost but could anchor the offensive line for years if extended. He would give Josh Allen and the offense a major blocking upgrade. Dion Dawkins can simply shift to right tackle, making it easier on him where he does not have to protect the blindside. Rookie Cody Ford could move inside to right guard making his job a little easier as well. Williams would elevate the offensive line to top 10 in the NFL and maybe higher. It would give Allen an anchor of protection and open up the offense to a new level.

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