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Thursday Thought: Why the Buffalo Bills should resign Quinton Spain

Quinton Spain should be a priority for the front office to resign as he was a valuable piece to not just the offensive line, but the offense as a unit.



The 2020 offseason is among one of the most important offseasons in recent memory for the Buffalo Bills. The team is trending way upward and is ready to take the next steps. Everyone wants to focus on players who the Bills should go after in free agency or take in the draft. We should first look at the players that should stay in Buffalo this offseason. Continuity is important in the NFL and a big way of keeping continuity is by resigning your players.

The Bills don’t have many players to resign, as Brandon Beane has a majority of the teams important, core players locked up for the next several seasons. However, there is one player, in particular, the Bills must make an emphasis to resign. That player is starting guard Quinton Spain. This week’s Thursday Thought: Why the Bills should resign Quinton Spain.

Football is won and lost in the trenches. It’s a saying as old as the game itself, yet remains true to this day. If you can win at the line of scrimmage you can control the game which is why resigning Quinton Spain is so important. Spain had a very good 2019 season. He started every game this season and didn’t allow one sack all year. Not one.

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Mr.Undrafted didn’t give up one either 👀

Finding quality offensive linemen is not easy. For evidence of this, just look at the Bills 2018 starting offensive line where not only is just one player still on the roster, but only John Miller finds himself in starting role, which was on the worst team in the league this season, the Cincinnati Bengals.

Spain was arguably the most reliable offensive lineman for Buffalo this season and was playing some of the best football in his career. Spain has taken to social media to promote himself. After riding out a rookie deal in Tennessee and a one-year prove-it deal with Buffalo, the five-year veteran wants to get paid.

Spain has publicly stated that he would like to stay with the Bills. Spain told reporters at locker cleanout that he told his agent that if the Bills want him back he’d like to get something done before free agency. Buffalo would be wise to do exactly that. Many teams need to improve on their offensive lines this offseason including the Browns, Jets, and Bears to name a few. If the Bills don’t sign Spain someone else will.

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Quinton Spain, Buffalo Bills. (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)

Most importantly the future of this franchise rests upon the shoulders of quarterback Josh Allen. The Bills need to surround Allen with as many good players as possible to give him the best chance to succeed. So why not give not just protection in the passing game, but support in the running game? Spain contributes to both of these areas and does it at a relatively high level.

There you have it, why the Bills should sign Quinton Spain. With $80 million in cap room. A “ready to win” mentality. It’s time to get serious about achieving more than just a playoff berth. That could start with locking up Quinton Spain.

Mitch Broder is a contributor for The Buffalo Fanatics. To contact him, email him at or on Twitter @mitchell_broder