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Thursday Thought: A Win Over the Chiefs Could Mean the One Seed for the Bills

The Buffalo Bills have a massively important game this Sunday against the Chiefs. Could a win mean the one seed for Buffalo?




The Buffalo Bills have themselves a monumental matchup on Sunday Night Football. A rematch of the AFC Championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s a game that fans have long anticipated as the Bills will have their first measuring test to see how they stack up against the best of the best. However, this game has potentially even bigger ramifications than just another victory in the win column. This game could potentially decide who gets the coveted one seed in the AFC come playoff time.

I know it sounds crazy to be saying this in Week 5, but hear me out.

Let’s start with if the Bills win this game.

If the Bills win this game, their record will stand at 4-1 with three wins against conference opponents and one win against a division opponent. All-in-all a good record to have five weeks into the NFL season. However, the key to this is the remaining schedule for the Bills. To put it bluntly, it’s way easier than anyone thought coming into this season. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

5Sun, Oct 10@ Kansas City8:20 PMNBC2-2
6Mon, Oct 18@ Tennessee8:15 PM2-2
8Sun, Oct 31vs Miami1:00 PMCBS1-3
9Sun, Nov 7@ Jacksonville1:00 PMCBS0-4
10Sun, Nov 14@ New York1:00 PMCBS1-3
11Sun, Nov 21vs Indianapolis1:00 PMCBS1-3
12Thu, Nov 25@ New Orleans8:20 PMNBC2-2
13Mon, Dec 6vs New England8:15 PM1-3
14Sun, Dec 12@ Tampa Bay4:25 PMCBS3-1
15Sun, Dec 19vs CarolinaTBD3-1
16Sun, Dec 26@ New England1:00 PMCBS1-3
17Sun, Jan 2vs Atlanta1:00 PMFOX1-3
18Sun, Jan 9vs New York1:00 PMCBS1-3

The Bills currently have just two games this season against a team that has a record that is over .500. This out of 13 remaining games, keep in mind. As of Week 5, the Bills aren’t playing a team with a winning record until the middle of December. So why is this so important? If the Bills can take care of the Chiefs, along with the ease of their schedule moving forward, they have a real chance to distance themselves, not just from KC, but the entire AFC.

Meanwhile, this is what the Chiefs remaining schedule looks like:

5Sun, Oct 10vs Buffalo8:20 PMNBC3-1
6Sun, Oct 17@ Washington1:00 PMCBS2-2
7Sun, Oct 24@ Tennessee1:00 PMCBS2-2
8Mon, Nov 1vs New York8:15 PM1-3
9Sun, Nov 7vs Green Bay4:25 PMFOX3-1
10Sun, Nov 14@ Las Vegas8:20 PMNBC3-1
11Sun, Nov 21vs Dallas4:25 PMFOX3-1
13Sun, Dec 5vs Denver1:00 PMCBS3-1
14Sun, Dec 12vs Las Vegas1:00 PMCBS3-1
15Thu, Dec 16@ Los Angeles8:20 PMFOXNFL NET3-1
16Sun, Dec 26vs Pittsburgh4:25 PMCBS1-3
17Sun, Jan 2@ Cincinnati1:00 PMCBS3-1
18Sun, Jan 9@ Denver4:25 PMCBS3-1

The combined record of the Bills’ opponents currently: 19-33

The combined record of the Chiefs’ opponents currently: 33-19

That’s why winning this Sunday is so crucial. The Bills schedule as of right now is almost a piece a cake, especially for a team as loaded as Buffalo. While the Chiefs schedule is grueling. Of course, things could change. Teams who look good now could be terrible come November, or teams that appear to be bottom feeders could turn things around. However, going off what we know, it appears the Bills have a much easier path to the best record in the conference than the Chiefs.

On top of that, if Buffalo can beat these guys on Sunday, not only does it bode well with the schedule but also gives this team tremendous confidence moving forward. It was clear last season that in the two games these two teams played, the Chiefs had the Bills number. From players executing to coaches game-planing, the Bills were beat soundly, in both games, in every aspect of the game. To know that you are better than the three-time defending champions of the AFC could be huge for this team moving forward and truly make them believe that they can bring the Lombardi Trophy to a place it’s never been before: Orchard Park, New York.

Now, of course, if the Chiefs win, this is simply a huge blow to the Bills. Yes, they still have a far easier schedule. However, I say this because the Bills spent the entire offseason working towards one goal: Beat Kansas City. It will be a gut punch if they get controlled by KC, like we saw in the two previous matchups between these two teams. Would it start to get in their heads that they still can’t beat the Chiefs? Do they simply not match up well against them? These questions could arise if that were to happen, and frankly, I’d prefer that those questions never come up.

We will see what happens on Sunday in Arrowhead Stadium. No question, it will be a tough game between two of the top dogs, not just in the AFC but the NFL. If Buffalo can win, it would be massive for their chances of reaching the Super Bowl. Folks buckle your seatbelts and get ready because Sunday night could be a night that puts this team squarely on the path to Los Angeles.

What do you think? Am I over-hyping this game or is it a huge deal for the Bills? Thank you for you continued support of The Buffalo Fanatics. Without you, the fans, we would not be doing the work that we are. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @mitchell_broder and go Bills!