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Thursday Thought: A COVID-19 message to the BillsMafia

The effects of COVID-19 can be seen in every corner of the world. However, if Sean McDermott has taught us anything it’s to do your job towards group success.




This is going to be a different Thursday Thought than what I usually write, but obviously, times are a bit tough at the moment. COVID-19 has spread all throughout the world as 20% of the globe’s population is currently in lockdown. These unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures as everyone is or will be effected by this virus at some point. Whether it be big or small, we will all face this virus and its impact in some way.

I’m sure during these trying times, many of you have turned towards this website to serve as a distraction from COVID-19. I too have done the same. Thinking about the exciting start to the Bills offseason or looking endlessly at mock drafts has been a nice way to keep the mind off the worries and stress of this current situation. With no sports to watch or things to do, having something to keep you busy and happy for a little bit is so important. However, I want to take this time to give some advice and encouragement to you, the BillsMafia.

One of the biggest things head coach Sean McDermott preaches is “Do your 1/11th”. We hear players talk about it all the time. How McDermott wants his players to do their job, and to stay in their lane and not do too much. If all 11 players work together and do their job, then the whole unit sees success. However, if one player tries to shoot a gap too soon or plays out of line, the whole unit fails. This same idea can be used for all of us in the fight against this virus.

We all must do our 1/11th, our job, to help stop the rate at which this virus is spreading. If we all do our part and stick to the plan, we as the whole group will see success. However, if people don’t do their part we all won’t succeed. It takes every one of us to work together and do what we need to do.

Yes, things are going to get hard. Hell, I’m dying to be able to go back and live a normal life again just as much as anyone else. It’s important to remember that ultimately it may take a sacrifice made by everyone to go back to normal life. Whether it be staying at home or as simple as washing your hands more frequently and more diligently. We all must make some changes to our everyday life.

It won’t be easy as we still, unfortunately, have a long way to go. However, if we can work towards everyone’s goal of a healthy and happy world, we can accomplish this goal sooner. Similar to the sacrifices people have made during times of war, like rationing certain supplies or making important equipment, we’ll have to do things that we may not want to do, but that will contribute to the betterment of everyone.

The more we do our part and do what we can do to limit the spread of COVID-19 the faster we can hopefully get back to normal, and the sooner we’ll get to see our beloved Buffalo Bills get to work and eventually take the field. This personally is one of my motivators for doing my part. The start of the football season could serve as the reward for the hard work that may be unpleasant due to COVID-19. Before we know it we’ll be back at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY watching training camp in the summer sun.

Like what coach McDermott preaches, let’s do our 1/11th to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The more everyone does their part now the better things will be sooner. Before I wrap this Thursday Thought up, I want to leave all of you with one of my favorite motivational speeches to get you ready for the battle we all face. Watching this gets me going and makes me want to fight towards our goal. So with that being said, BillsMafia please stay safe and healthy during this tough time, and do your 1/11th so we can rock The Cap come September.

Mitch Broder is a contributor for The Buffalo Fanatics. To contact him, email him at or on Twitter @mitchell_broder