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Thru The Tables-First Helping



“There ain’t but four things in life I know somethin’ about–the Buffalo Bills, wings, cold beer and Josh Allen.”

— My Father

Take A Seat At The Table

Where else would you rather be than right here right now? Marv Levy’s words still ring true to any Buffalo Bills fan. These eleven words have resonated with me and my fellow Bills fan all of my life. “Thru The Tables” will take every Bills fan through their Sunday morning on game day. Game day is Christmas every Sunday. We wake up and drink a beer to to ease the pain from the night before, check whatever meat we have marinating and immediately get on the horn with our boys trying to figure out where we are watching the game on this glorious Sunday with hope of not messing with the good juju from the previous week. Butterflies are swirling in your stomach and you cannot wait for 1pm to roll around. Thankfully, Roger and his boys finally put some damn respeck on our name and dished out plenty prime time games. Come take a seat at the table and enjoy.

Buffalo, New York’s Best Kept Secret

So what is “Thru The Tables?”It is simple. I am the common Bills fan and foodie who writes for the guy or girl in their Zubaz, the fan still rocking their Brian Moorman jersey. Buffalo is New York’s best kept secret. The fandom, the food and culture is unmatched. The cities history and culture is so vibrant I felt it was absolutely necessary to bring my passion to the fans. I have been the guy who overshoots the plastic table and completely busts his ass but I have been boozing since 8am so I don’t feel a goddamn thing. Barhopping and food tasting up and down Elmwood, or through Josh Allentown. “Thru The Tables” pays homage to Bills Mafia who puts it on the line week in and week out. I am paying homage to you or your boy getting suplexed through a plastic table while tying in the most beautiful combo of food and booze.

Impress your friends with recipes and watering holes

I will be doing frequent food and restaurant reviews of Buffalos best water holes which include the best food and booze all while offering some simple recipes for you, your friends and family to enjoy during game day. You will become the go to person when it comes to food and booze on Sunday. You will become an booze and food aficionado that your friends look up to. Your word in the culinary world will become gold to those around you. Come drop by my column every week and lets tailgate together. The city of Buffalo is a thing of beauty, grit, hardworking people. Let’s get ready for 2021 and keep Buffalo, New York’s best kept secret.