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Three Josh Allen Rookie Cards I wish I had…



There are many cards that we wish we had in our own possession. I was lucky enough to have a card that you pull once in a lifetime. It was a dream come true when I pulled a Connor McDavid hockey rookie card that was valued at $15,000 at the time I pulled it. It was a dream come true for me to own a card of that value for someone from my favorite hockey team. It made me think that I don’t have many Josh Allen Rookie cards. I remember searching and realizing that I wish I had these three Josh Allen Rookie cards.

2018 Panini National Treasure Josh Allen True RPA /99 PSA 10

Value: PSA 10 $6,000+

National Treasure by Panini is a high-end product that is comparable to the hockey product by Upper Deck called The Cup. The picture above is a Rookie Patch Autographed card. This card is called an RPA in the card community. A true Rookie or true RPA cards are indicated by the RC symbol shown on the pictured card above in the top right corner. This means this is a true rookie, and these cards are usually worth more than just a first-year rookie card that does not have the symbol. True Rookie/RPA cards are usually the most sought after. Only 99 cards were made of this RPA card, which makes it even harder to possess. The best way to get this card is to buy a RAW card. RAW is a way the card community describes a card that has not been graded. You can buy one from someone and then send it to a grading company like PSA or Beckett. The other way is to pull the card from a box of the product. Now if you are lucky enough to buy this card and send it for grading, you can potentially earn more than $6,000. This will happen if the card you send will come back with a PSA grading of 10 as shown in the picture above. A PSA 9 graded can cost you around $2,000, so buying a RAW card might make a less impact on your cash flow, but getting it graded might end up helping you earn even more.

2018 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Cracked Ice Josh Allen Rookie Auto /24 PSA 10

Value: PSA 10 $4,000+

The picture above will not do justice to how beautiful this card just is. This card literally looks like there was a sheet of ice on the card and then they cracked the ice into different pieces. These cards shine differently on each cracked area. Now, it is not literally a cracked card but has the look of it. Again, the RC symbol is placed in the red square towards the bottom to tell the collector that this is a true rookie. There were only 24 of these cracked ice cards made, so it will be another one that will be hard to fine. The Cracked Ice version of the rookie ticket in contenders is one of the most sought-after rookie cards not just for Josh Allen but every other rookie year after year. The best way to get this card so you don’t have to buy PSA 10 for over $4,000 is to buy one that is not graded or, as we say in the card community, a RAW card. After doing some research, a PSA 7, which is a very low grade, had recently sold for $1,400. Getting one that isn’t graded and sending it for grading is the best way to get a PSA 10. There is also a college cracked ice version of the card for Josh Allen. This Wyoming version of the card comes from the college version of the Panini Contenders product. This is another way to get a cracked ice card for cheap, but remember college jersey card values are not as high as pro jersey cards. Wyoming cards are great to have, but the value is not as high.

2018 Panini Prizm Gold Vinyl Rookie Card Josh Allen /5 PSA 10

Value: PSA 10 $5,500+

I love Panini Prizm cards. For both basketball and football, no product holds the values of rookie cards as Prizm does. The gold vinyl card is beautiful when you actually see it in person. This card only has 5 prints out there. Another popular version of the rookie cards is the 1 of 1. The 1 of 1 can be worth thousands more than the gold vinyl card. The 1 of 1 card in all products has tons of value and if it grades a 10, I would not be able to even think of the value that card would be. Going back to this card, you will notice that Prizm basically uses the same picture and just changes the color or look of the surface of the card. Each variation of the card has different values. The most sought-after Prizm rookie card version is the silver, but all the other colors hold great value. Even the base rookie card, which I showed in a previous article, is very popular in the collecting world. I just happen to like the gold touch to this card with the look of a vinyl record. It makes the card look like it is very valuable. Of course, the value of this card also helps. The graded PSA 10 shown in the picture last sold for $$5,800, which is crazy to think. If Josh Allen gets better and (just in case) wins the MVP, this card’s value will just increase, tell you the truth all his cards will.

There are literally hundreds of different Josh Allen rookie cards available out there. I have seen someone selling a Josh Allen National Treasure RPA with a grading of 10 from PSA for $30,000. There are only two prints of this card and the Patch just happens to be a Nike Swoosh. You will notice that in football the Nike Swoosh cards are very sought after. I do like them, but I have to be realistic. I already hit the lottery a few years back with my Connor McDavid card, so I do not see it happening again. Maybe one of you Buffalo Bills fans out there will hit the jackpot. 

I would love to see what Josh Allen Rookie cards all of you have and the ones you want. The team and I are on Twitter. You can reach Buffalo Fanatics on twitter at @BfloFanatics and you can reach me on Twitter @TheMightyDeol Let’s get collecting!