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The Underhill Report: Outrageous Week 8 Predictions

Alright, please bear with me members of the BuffaloFanatics community while I vent for a second. Let me put to bed the ridiculous notion that Bills Mafia should come away from this week’s result feeling worse than before.



Our 31-21 victory over Miami was NOT a letdown game. We won. We are FIVE and one. Can y’all be happy for once?! I swear y’all are starting to get greedy. In this league, a win is a win is a win, folks. Take it from our guy @real_mike_rob:

Now we move on to the game I’ve been thinking about for the last three weeks. The Philadelphia Eagles come to town. Without further ado, let’s get to some weird, wacky, bold and zany predictions for week 8.

John Brown absolutely FEASTS on struggling Eagles secondary

How many yards should we give him? I think he’ll go for at least a buck 50 on Jim Schwartz’s unit. The Eagles seemingly have to deal with an insane amount of defensive injuries every year, and this season is no different. Despite the return of Jalen Mills last week against Dallas, Dak Prescott moved the ball at will. Philly’s secondary should not be feared at all. John Brown will have to rehearse a couple more touchdown dances in preparation this week.

Image result for john brown gif

Bills and Eagles fans find love at New Era Field this Sunday

It takes crazy to recognize crazy. Bills Mafia and Eagles fans are each one of a kind. The tailgate scene might just be unprecedented. Both fan-bases will each want to hate each other initially as usual. However, after enough jabbering back and forth, I think everyone involved will come to the self-realization that they are looking themselves in the mirror.

At which point, we might find the beginning of some true love stories.

“It all started at the Bills Eagles tailgate. That’s where I found my sweetheart. She asked me to jump through a burning folding table, so I couldn’t decline. Then I asked her to shimmy up a greased-up city light pole, which she performed with ease. That’s when I knew I found the one.”

Defense returns to form in big way, Bills score non-offensive touchdown

It’s not that the Bills defense was bad Sunday, it just wasn’t quite at the standard we have come to expect over the first five games of the regular season. We had plenty of spectacular moments (highlighted by Tre White’s career day), but overall the unit gave up big touchdown drives (and very nearly more) to Fitzmagic and the Fins.

McDermott and Leslie Frazier are going to get this group fired up for the Bills second biggest game of the season (biggest being week 4 against the Pats). You best believe New Era Field will be rocking and rolling, and Tre White and company will not disappoint.

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Nelson Agholor traded away after another embarrassing performance vs. Bills

If you’re not following the situation, the Eagles slot wide receiver has had a very bad season, subjecting him to criticism and backlash from the Philly fanbase. Comparatively speaking, it’s like a much worse Zay Jones situation.

Here’s Agholor deciding he doesn’t want to ice an Eagles victory over the Falcons with a long TD reception:

No Title

In retrospect he probably should have just caught this and scored a touchdown instead of drop it and lose the game

Here’s a Philly man who just rescued a baby from a burning building wasting NO time flaming Agholor for his efforts:

No Title

“My man just starts throwing babies out the window. We was catching them, unlike Agholor.” Only in Philly will you find an @Eagles fan who says he helped rescue children from a fire taking jabs at Birds’ wideout @NelsonAgholor:

And finally, last night:

“Hey Agholor, how about you narrow this huge deficit we’re facing to the Cowboys?”


Anyway, the Bills defense should have no trouble limiting Agholor to his usual underperforming-self.

Cody Ford locked into right tackle position

Please, for the love of God, the Bills coaching staff MUST pick a starting right tackle. No more of this rotation nonsense. Ty Nsekhe and Cody Ford have been splitting snaps throughout the regular season so far, and it has not been going well. According to Pro Football Focus, Nsekhe has been the better option so far in both pass and run blocking, yet the coaching staff seems insistent about getting Ford out there.

On Sunday, Ford took 66% of the snaps while Nsekhe took 34% against Miami. It appears the coaching staff really wants to groom Ford into their right tackle of the future. I believe this is the week Buffalo makes a commitment to their starting five offensive linemen.

Mini earthquake erupts in Buffalo due to fan noise at New Era Field.

Bills fans are the loudest in the NFL. I will stand by that 100%. Don’t try to tell me it’s Seattle with their 12th man nonsense. Seahawks fans are cheaters. They have a stadium that is architecturally-designed to make the fan noise louder. That shouldn’t be allowed.

I believe this Sunday will be even louder than it was week four against New England. Just think about it. The Bills are 5-1 for the first time since 2008 with a chance to beat a likely playoff team on their home turf. That’s a recipe for an incredible atmosphere in Buffalo. Plus I think the Bills will win, meaning the noise level will be pushed over the top.

Week 8 Confidence Index: 7/10 broken folding tables

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