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The Underhill Report: Outrageous Week 17 Predictions

As the wonderful Mitch Broder reminds us in this week’s “Thursday Thought”, the Buffalo Bills have a meaningless week 17 matchup… but this time for all the right reasons.



Sitting at 10-5 with a postseason spot secured and nothing to gain or lose, Buffalo finds themselves in a peculiar position. How Sean McDermott should handle this Sunday’s matchup vs. the Jets is the hottest question surrounding the organization. The age-old “rest vs. rust” debate has been reignited.

With that in mind, let me address the elephant in the room with my first outrageous prediction for Sunday afternoon in Orchard Park:

No one. I repeat NO ONE. Gets injured this week.

Would you rather rest most of your starters against the Jets to prep for next week’s playoff matchup and avoid the risk of injury, or would you play your starters with the philosophy that the offense and defense need to maintain its rhythm?

For now, it appears McDermott believes in the latter opinion. This week, the head coach announced a “majority” of starters will play for the regular season finale… including Josh Allen. McDermott clarified that players won’t all be getting the same amount of snaps they normally do.

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Still, that decision comes with a lot of criticism. And rightfully so. Imagine a nightmarish scenario where Josh Allen goes down with a season-ending injury. Avoiding so-called “rust” isn’t worth a minor injury to a key starter, never mind a catastrophic one.

However, I gotta say, my better intuition has fallen victim to trusting Sean McDermott, Brandon Beane, and the process. This Bills coaching staff is too smart to put any of their guys in harm’s way. No matter how long the starters play, I believe this Bills team will walk away with no new additions to the injury report. Call it faith.

This might not be a prediction. It’s more of a prayer. And God please have mercy on me if I just jinxed it. Bills Mafia, I give you the right to throw my body over Niagara Falls if Josh Allen wakes up Monday morning with a torn ACL.

“Rich as “f–k” Adam Gase inspires Jet’s locker room, motivating them to week 17 win over Buffalo

Did I get you? There’s a reason this is called an “outrageous” predictions column. This is not going to happen. In fact, the Jet’s trainwreck is about to get even worse than it already is. The turmoil surrounding New York is absolutely hilarious right now.

First this report that Gase is insecure and frequently uses this “rich as f–k” line to silence his critics. Then twitter dug around and found his apparent burner account! @WyattV18

Go give it a follow!

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The best of Adam Gase’s burner account (1/2)

The recent reports give the impression that Gase is as inspiring as a sack of potatoes. No way he gets his guys pumped for their season finale. Finally, a story on Adam Gase wouldn’t be complete without a weird gif. Enjoy.

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“Destroyer of Jets” Matt Barkley looks like QB1 in stellar performance

I don’t think Josh Allen will be playing the entire game this Sunday. I doubt he’ll play one half of football. I’d be surprised be see him lead more than 2-3 drives. Then we’ll get to see “Bitcoin” Barkley go to work.

You remember Matt Barkley vs. the Jets. He’s the guy that filled in for an injured Josh Allen last year and spearheaded a 41-10 victory just weeks after not having a job in the NFL. It was magical.

Image result for matt barkley"

Who’s to say lightning can’t strike twice? After all, he should be much more prepared than last year. He definitely knows the playbook better. Barkley hasn’t had much action this year (which is a good thing), but Sunday will be a great test for the coaching staff to evaluate how the backup can perform if needed in the postseason.

Let’s hope Robert Foster and Duke Williams feast with Barkley at the reins this weekend.

A new “playoff caliber” Sean McDermott makes an appearance on Bills sideline

If Sean McDermott wants to prove he’s the next great coach in Western New York, he’s gonna have to show me some more skin on a cold December day.

This Sunday, we will be introduced to “playoff caliber” Sean McDermott. Ditch the usual puffy winter coat, ditch the skin-tight long sleeve, and rock an official Bills apparel tank-top with some athletic shorts.

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cold is just a state of mind for @NUFBFamily’s Alex Spanos

That will inspire and motivate your football team.

Week 17 Confidence Index: 8.5/10 Broken Folding Tables

Maxwell Underhill is a contributor for The Buffalo Fanatics and member of the three-time Marconi award-winning college radio station 88.7 WRHU Radio Hofstra University. To contact him, email him at or on Twitter @cincodemaxo

Student at Hofstra University. Big fan of all things Bills and Ultimate frisbee. Follow me on twitter if you wish... @cincodemaxo