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The Underhill Report: Outrageous Los Angeles Chargers vs. Buffalo Bills Predictions



Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Bills Mafia! As I stuffed my face Thursday afternoon, I felt a little deja vu seeing the Dallas Cowboys get embarrassed on the national stage.

What a moment! One year ago…

Surging Bills, Josh Allen make statement by crushing Cowboys | The Star
I’ll have you know this picture was my phone’s screensaver for the following six months

That infamous win over Dallas moved Buffalo to 9-3 on the season. This year, the Bills are 7-3 despite playing a significantly more difficult schedule.

The 2020 Bills are a better overall team than last year’s group. I will unabashedly say that. When it comes to the offensive side of the ball, there’s no doubt. Brandon Beane’s trade for WR Stefon Diggs is proving to be the league’s best move of the offseason. Josh Allen has taken an exponential leap in year three and is currently on the fringes of the MVP discussion.

I know the defense isn’t what it was last year. However, after extremely suspect performances against Tennessee and Kansas City, we’ve seen strong flashes in recent weeks that has this unit trending in the right direction.

The best is yet to come this season for Sean McDermott’s team. How loud do I have to scream it for the pessimistic Bills fans? Have faith in this team, Bills Mafia, because there’s a damn good enough chance we see ourselves in Super Bowl contention.

With that being said, let’s first worry about Buffalo’s old friend, Anthony Lynn, as he takes his Chargers into Orchard Park this Sunday. Without further ado, here are my outrageous predictions for the week:

During pregame, Josh Allen signs autograph for 16-year-old high school quarterback Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert and his new haircut are 1-0 with the Los Angeles Chargers -

LA’s rookie QB got a haircut two weeks ago, and let’s just say that it doesn’t make him look any older. He opted to ditch the luscious locks in favor of a more marine-like look. I’m not one to judge another man’s hair, but it was definitely a mistake. The “Sid from Toy Story” jokes were all over the internet.

Unfortunately for him, the acne does not help. As someone who recently dealt with bad acne troubles, I have great sympathy for him in this area. But hey, Herbert gets the last laugh at the end of the day. He is 1-0 since getting the haircut.

Josh Allen overcomes the ghost of Nathan Peterman and Vontae Davis by throwing ZERO interceptions on the day… and not retiring at halftime

Bills vs. Chargers was of course the matchup in which superstar Nate was introduced to the world just three years ago. We all know about Peterman’s infamous five-interception first-half performance. A stat line that bad deserves a curse. There’s no way around it. He stunk it up so bad the football gods will be upset for years to come.

This will be Buffalo’s second time playing the Chargers since the Peterman debacle. What happened the first time? If you ask me, it was the first instance of the Peterman-curse wreaking havoc on the Bills organization. The Bills lost 31-20, and cornerback, Vontae Davis, retired at halftime in an all-time “fuck you” move.

I shouldn't be out there anymore': why Vontae Davis retired at half-time |  Sport | The Guardian

Superstitious or not, the facts don’t lie. Buffalo hasn’t had a good luck facing the Chargers in recent history.

(Editor note: Neither Nathan Peterman or Vontae Davis is dead. We’re not sure why Max believes this to be the case.)

Tre White, Jordan Poyer, and Micah Hyde are seen practicing their vertical leap by slapping the tops of door frames in the Bills facility pregame

Two weeks ago, the trio of defensive backs all collectively got Moss’d by superhuman WR, DeAndre Hopkins. White, Poyer, and Hyde are all going to be looking to strengthen their jumping ability.

Maxwell Underhill (twitter: @cincodemaxo) is a contributor for BuffaloFanatics, blog writer for the in-season “Outrageous Predictions” column, and co-host of the “Bills Overdue” vidcast streaming every Saturday at 6pm ET on Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope.